The stars reveal which of the twelve signs of the Zodiac divorces the most and what this percentage is due to.

This zodiac sign is very likely to get divorced, certainly more than all the other signs and the reason is related to his personality. Her character traits and her behavior in love often bring the relationship to an end.

 Sign of fire, dominant, impulsive and very passionate , in love he quickly falls in love and burns the stages and just as quickly falls out of love. Marriage is certainly not something to be taken lightly but he often makes this mistake that turns out to be fatal for his relationship , a mistake of underestimation that leads him to divorce.

Aries is the sign that divorces most of all

Getting divorced is a devastating experience. Whatever the reason that pushes a couple to put an end to their union definitively, it is difficult to overcome this obstacle. Divorce is experienced as a failure , an unsolved challenge and even when it puts an end to a stormy and quarrelsome relationship that devastated the psychological well -being of both spouses, moving forward after this experience is hard. Years of coexistence, memories, children and common projects suddenly cease to exist and Aries knows what we are talking about.

If your relationship isn’t progressing as you expected and you’re worried that things will never settle down between you, here are the signs that your marriage will end in divorce .

In astrology, Aries is the sign that wins the most divorces and this is due to its impulsive temperament. Dominated by Mars and Pluto , Aries is instinctive and undisciplined. This sign is not tactful in saying what it thinks and is often harsh and brusque towards the partner. The fire that burns in him does not allow him to think before acting and often his behavior is the result of a whim of the moment.

Added to this is the fact that he falls madly in love instantly thinking that love at first sight is his sweetheart. She gets married just as quickly and only after she becomes aware of the choice made.

Not infrequently he realizes that he has been too impulsive again and that he has made the wrong choice and at that point he does not hesitate to revoke his decision by opting for a divorce.
Just as quickly then sign puts an end to his too boring and routine marriage.

If your partner is an Aries don’t panic, his behavior takes into account factors such as ascendant, influence of the Moon and other astral factors that could change his behavior a lot. Not all natives of Aries divorce but what is certain is that if he ever makes this decision he will not go back for anything to the world because it is ruled by Mars, the planet that represents action, combat and war and is a s egno cardinal , that is one of the signs of the beginning of the season, in this case Spring, and this in astrology translates into dynamism, resourcefulness and leadership skills.


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