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Find out which costume is the most suitable for you based on your zodiac sign.

August has now arrived, dragging even the most reluctant to the sea and bringing with it such heat that even those who, until a few days ago, feared it as if it were a monster worthy of the worst horror film. Once he has chosen to take the plunge, however, he follows that of choosing the best costume to wear, the one that manages to make you feel beautiful beyond defects. A choice that can be made based on personal taste, the shape of your body or your zodiac sign. Yes, because if feeling comfortable in a bathing suit is definitely important to better enjoy the days at sea, choosing the right one is not exactly something that everyone can do. Fortunately, with the advice of the stars, from today, it will be easier to understand which costume you can feel comfortable with. Today we will find out together which costume we look better in.

Find out which is the right costume for each zodiac sign

Aries – The super minimal bikini
In life, you love to get noticed by giving the impression that everything is purely casual. Even on the beach, therefore, you are more inclined to wear a simple bikini but only after paying attention to the neckline. The costume that best suits you will therefore be really minimal, high-cut and with the upper part that will cover very little, revealing part of the breast and allowing you, among other things, a tan without too many marks. For the rest, there is always the option of topless that suits you well and that you know how to wear with extreme naturalness.

Taurus – A costume with a retro taste
Romantic and attracted to everything related to history and the past, on the beach you will look great with a costume that recalls times past. A 50s style could make you feel at the top, leading you to be fully yourself. A sort of business card that can tell with a single image who you are and what you like in life. As for the colors, it is better to opt for pastel colors or the classic black and white colors that go well with the vintage effect.

Gemini – The Two-Color Bikini
Being simple or ordinary is not like you. Even on the beach, therefore, you feel the need to dare, making yourself noticed and opting for choices that know how to have fun. A bikini with top and bottom of different colors is therefore the choice that suits you best. Even more so if you buy more than one model, mixing the various pieces together and thus creating an ever-changing and boredom-proof effect. Basically your costume, right?

Cancer – A costume in pastel colors
Your air of romanticism goes very well with pastel colors that can lighten everything and give you that almost childish air that, from time to time, you like to flaunt. A swimsuit in pink or a beautiful light blue color will be practically perfect to accompany you in your days at the pool or in those made of sun, sea and moments to spend in total carefree.

Leo – A white costume
What better choice than a costume that knows how to get noticed just for the color? A one-piece but very low-cut white swimsuit could be ideal to make you stand out among all. In the same way, a nice bikini can also be used to quickly pop the top piece, giving you a moment of total freedom to live in complete serenity, knowing that everyone will notice and appreciate it. What if you don’t like white? A valid alternative is given by a beautiful bright yellow that reminds you of the sun and the summer you are experiencing.

Virgo – The one-piece swimsuit
The model that makes you feel particularly at ease is undoubtedly the whole one, perhaps to be embellished with a neckline on the back or some design on the front. For you, what matters is to enjoy the warmth of the sun without attracting too much attention. In fact, summer is a reason to relax and you prefer to leave it to others to get noticed, opting for lots of music and something to read.

Libra – An elegant costume
Your need for elegance doesn’t stop even in the scorching sun. The costume that best suits you is therefore a particularly elegant one in its simplicity. A trikini or a one-piece swimsuit simple but with some refined details will be your pass for a perfect summer, in which to feel beautiful without daring too much and without ever pushing yourself beyond the limits. Because more than being noticed, what matters to you is being remembered for elegance.

Scorpio – A total black costume Total
black is a color that makes you feel your best, especially when it comes to costumes. Contrary to what one might think, in fact, you are not someone who likes to get noticed by showing off their body. For this reason, you always opt for dark colors that, while talking about you, know how to do it calmly, revealing the reserved and mysterious part of your being and highlighting any strong points with discretion and elegance.

Sagittarius – The
one-piece or two-piece swimsuit with ruffles doesn’t matter. What matters to you is that the costume knows how to give an air of freedom, telling you with style and lightness. What is better, then, than some ruffles that move with you, transmitting a feeling of freedom that can reach anyone who looks at you? The cheeky air and the cheerfulness you emanate when you feel particularly comfortable will do the rest, making you noticed in the right way and without making you appear excessive. Just the way you like it.

Capricorn – The Olympic costume
Whether it’s for the sea or the swimming pool, the costume you feel most yours is, without a doubt, the Olympic one. Great to feel protected from prying eyes and to be comfortable during your summer days, this costume will be your pass for a summer made of absolute fun. Playing with the various colors will also help you find the ones that best suit your figure and your way of being, creating one with your essence.

Aquarius – The fancy costume
What’s better than a costume that can speak about you through images? A printed swimsuit, whether one piece or in two pieces, will conquer you with its designs, giving you the opportunity to wear the one that best represents you every time on a given day. Seahorses, flowers, butterflies or geometric designs. Every day you can wander, always feeling free to talk about yourself, letting the images do the work.

Pisces – The bikini with laces
Feminine and romantic, the costume that best suits you is the one with laces. The top will be formed by two triangles able to show the breasts without ever exaggerating and the lower part will have ties to tie on the hips. A way to appear simple but not too simple and to feel feminine and childish at the same time, just as you like it, especially in days to be lived lightly like those you like to spend at the beach.

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