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Find out what is the worst aspect that sets you apart when you drink too much, according to your zodiac sign.

Sooner or later it happens to everyone, you go out drinking with friends and find yourself tipsy without even knowing how. This is a condition that should be avoided for various reasons, including health and the danger of making choices when you are not perfectly lucid. Wanting to add another, however, there would also be that way of being different from the usual that distinguishes everyone and that varies from person to person. If a saying says that there is truth in wine, it is equally true that there is also the ability to show aspects of oneself that are usually kept hidden or over which one always tries to have control. An aspect that can be a problem for some as they end up becoming heavy or difficult to bear. the characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra and which are the zodiac signs that will soon feel more energized, today we will discover what is the defect that each zodiac sign highlights when he drinks too much. Since this is a way of doing linked to the instinctive part of each of us, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a precise idea of ​​what you are going to encounter.

Horoscope: this is how you look when you drink too much, according to your zodiac sign

Aries – You become a little too quick-tempered
When you drink too much your character tends to change showing the worst part of you which is represented by a lack of patience and the need to assert yourself always and in any case. Even among friends, it therefore often happens to see you jump for every little thing. This leads to arguments, especially when instead of keeping certain thoughts to yourself, you make them explicit while knowing they can hurt those in front of you. Your attitude often makes you a little too obnoxious or pushy. Features that are perceived negatively by those around you and therefore can spark real discussions.

Taurus – You Get Extremely Lazy
That you enjoy living a relaxed life is something everyone knows. The problem is when you decide to take a nap in the middle of a party or when you are three friends. Because if there is something unbearable you do when you lift your elbow a little, it is to go crazy with food or, as more often happens, lie down on a sofa to doze off. Even avoiding sleep, you still become taciturn, not at all company, and don’t hesitate to yawn in front of others if you suddenly feel sleepy or, more simply, find a particular conversation boring. An attitude that, if at first, it may be funny, in the long run, it can be boring and even annoying, especially if those who are with you were counting on your presence to do something special.

Gemini – You get too cheerful
When you drink, you tend to get… too cheerful. Since you are usually lively enough, after drinking you risk overdoing it. This means that those around you risk getting tired of your ways that if at first, they are funny, they may not be understood or accepted by everyone. Because let’s face it, becoming more confident than necessary with those you barely know, inviting everyone to drink and have fun, and wanting to party even when it’s time to go home is not a way of doing that everyone welcomes with pleasure. Of course, your friends may have got used to it by now but the risk is to always exaggerate a little and end up being a bit intrusive.

Cancer – You get complaining
Yes, alcohol on you has the classic reverse effect, which is to make you suddenly whine. It doesn’t matter if the atmosphere around you is positive or negative, your mind will still be flooded with thoughts of all kinds and all negative or melancholy. For this reason, the risk is to spend the rest of the evening complaining about everything or crying about past situations that make you hurt again at the moment. A modus operandi that obviously risks making the atmosphere suddenly dark and therefore can annoy those present who if they are normally willing to accept your sudden changes of mood, are certainly less so in an evening designed to have fun and spend time together.

Leo – You put yourself too much in the center of attention
It can be said that when you drink too much, what you do is become the extreme version of yourself. You need to always be the center of attention takes over, leading you to joke with everyone, to scream and get noticed, whatever the way. Let’s say that you are the classic person who on a party evening would be able to jump on the table and start dancing. And all of this can also be fun when taken in small doses. The problem is that in these cases it is difficult for you to understand by yourself when to stop and all with the risk of annoying others, especially if you end up making sweet eyes to someone you like and who may be already busy.

Virgo – You get tough
When you drink you tend to get harder and more critical than normal. If you usually say what you think trying to dose times and words, from shining you end up speaking without filters, thus managing to hurt the people around you and everything without even realizing it. If we add to this the fact that you always have a criticism ready for everyone, it is easy to foresee how your way of doing can be uncomfortable, leading those around you to stiffen and even take it seriously for your words. A problem that unfortunately you can avoid only by trying to never get to that point which, given how things risk becoming, can be defined as “breaking”.

Libra – You become melancholy
Drinking always makes you a little melancholy and when you overdo it you risk ending up obsessively rethinking the past, living the past moments with too much pain, especially if you try to share it with others. Although you always manage to maintain a certain tone, your sadness becomes so evident that it risks overshadowing the mood of anyone around you. One thing you just can’t avoid, not even trying. Because it is enough to look into your eyes to understand if you are in the grip of melancholy and unfortunately for you, once it arrives, you always have a certain difficulty in getting rid of it.

Scorpio – You become too affectionate
Well yes, if you normally tend to be an extremely reserved person and with some difficulty in getting to know others, when you drink things change leading you to express too much affection towards those around you. From a certain point of view, this can also be pleasant, but often it ends up unsettling those who, used to perceive you in a certain way, suddenly discover you different. For this reason, around you, unless you are with intimate people who will most likely appreciate your utterances, the risk is to make those uncomfortable.

Sagittarius – Make embarrassing comments
When you drink, the direct being that already characterizes you normally becomes even more evident, leading you to make comments very often that others can be heavy or embarrassing. Completely unfiltered, and unable to capture the emotions of others, you behave instinctively, doing and saying everything that crosses your mind. This makes others feel offended by your ways or unwilling to listen to unsolicited comments. An attitude that risks compromising even relationships, especially in the presence of statements that, once made, cannot be canceled, not even by the excuse of having drunk too much.

Capricorn – You become pushy
If you are normally someone who always knows how and when to do certain interventions to be at your best among people, when you drink more than you should, you end up losing sight of the limits you usually carry. This translates into attitudes that are not suitable for you, such as asking too many questions, having your say even if no one has asked you for advice, and asking for information about people who may be absent. Ways that make those around you feel uncomfortable can even lead you to experience it with tension. The problem is that you don’t realize what others are feeling and even if you are told, you tend to take it lightly, making the situation much worse.

Aquarius – Make promises you don’t keep
When you drink, the problem is not so much what you do at the moment but how you will behave afterward. It can be said about you that you tend to remain quite calm, appearing completely normal except for the small detail that by becoming more carefree you tend to make promises that you will not keep once you are clear. Thus, it is likely that after a drink with friends you will rediscover the agenda full of commitments made while you were in one of your rare phases of openness to others. The phase that the next day will have already disappeared, leading you to deny what has been said and therefore to disappoint those who have spent a pleasant time in your company.

Pisces – You become childish
When you drink you are not that annoying because you tend to become a more childish version of yourself. Usually, you get distracted and clumsy and this can generate hilarity or tenderness based on those around you. Among other things, however, you tend to become more childish and this after a while can tire those who do not want to have to think about you and what you are up to. Unfortunately, you hardly realize this and this leads to losing patience to those who, instead of continuing to drink, have to worry about not losing sight of yourself and to control what you do and where you put the things that you risk losing at any moment. another since, among other things, you don’t seem to handle alcohol very well.

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