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How you flirt: You use sarcasm and teasing, which accidentally makes them think you want nothing to do with them.

How you should flirt: Give them compliments and affection. Let them know they’re one of the few people you actually give a damn about.


How you flirt: You giggle at everything they say. You like every comment they post. You put them on a pedestal.

How you should flirt: Treat them like a human being. Realize they’re just as flawed as you. Remind yourself they aren’t out of your league. They would be lucky to have you.


How you flirt: You shower them with affection one day and ignore them the next day. You send a ton of mixed signals.

How you should flirt: Stay consistent with the way you treat them. Show them you’re reliable, you’re someone they can count on.


How you flirt: You make eye contact with them from across the room and hope they magically notice you.

How you should flirt: Introduce yourself. Join dating apps. Take initiative.


How you flirt: You get into friendly competitions with them. You tease them about how much better you are at everything.

How you should flirt: Boost their confidence. Make them feel better about themselves, not worse.


How you flirt: You don’t flirt. You spend all of your time working. You convince yourself you don’t need anyone to be happy.

How you should flirt: Put yourself out there. Instead of working overtime, use your free time to meet new people, to explore new places.

Click Here The #1 Reason Men Lose Interest In Women They Love.


How you flirt: You upload cute selfies and hope it convinces them to send you a text.

How you should flirt: Send the first text. Start the conversation. Make a move.


How you flirt: You smirk, wink, and use corny pick-up lines on them that make it look like you’re a player.

How you should flirt: Be more authentic. Don’t copy and paste messages to ten people at once. Have a real conversation with one person at a time.


How you flirt: You come on strong. You ask them out right away. You text them every two seconds.

How you should flirt: Build up your compliments over time. Slow down your pace. Be patient.


How you flirt: You make inappropriate comments. You turn everything s__ual. You beg for n_des.

How you should flirt: Give them genuine compliments. Make it clear you like their brain as much as their body.


How you flirt: You upload statuses about falling in love, hope they notice, and hope they realize you’re talking about them.

How you should flirt: Be upfront about your feelings. Instead of writing poetry about them, write directly to them so they aren’t left guessing how you feel.


How you flirt: You invite them out with your friends. You act like one of the guys.

How you should flirt: Invite them on an official date. Spend time with them one-on-one so you don’t end up friend zoned.

Click Here The #1 Reason Men Lose Interest In Women They Love.

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