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Horoscope and stress. Here is the personal answer of each zodiac sign to the difficult moments in life.

When you hear the word stress the first image that comes to mind is that of a person crushed by a situation greater than her and from which she struggles to get out. If in ancient times stress was a condition that could even save life, placing the body in such a state of alert as to allow it to win in battle or to get food, today in a completely different era, trying it is almost always an unpleasant feeling that loads people with negative emotions, slowing them down in their work and making them too nervous to manage human relationships correctly. Not to mention the negative effects that stressful situations have on health. From unbearable headaches to a whole series of pathologies up to weight problems due to cortisol (the stress hormone) which leads to swelling and gaining weight. In short, Whether we like it or not, being stressed these days is a lot harder than it used to be, and as we often hear, it’s also so prevalent that the real exceptions are people who can’t feel it. Because as strange as it may seem, the way of responding to stress changes from person to person and to a large extent this depends not only on the character, the temperament and the situation one is experiencing, but also on the influence that the stars have on everyone. our. Today, therefore, after seeing as well as from the character, the temperament and the situation that one is experiencing, also from the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, therefore, after seeing as well as from the character, the temperament and the situation that one is experiencing, also from the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, we will find out how each sign reacts to stress.

Find out how you react to stress according to the horoscope

Aries – With cunning
Your reaction to stress is quite varied, going from an initial moment of panic to a final moment of total resignation. In the middle, obviously, there will be several emotions that will alternate with each other as in a sort of crazy carousel and able to make you have a tantrum. Fortunately, in the long run, the self-control you impose on yourself in these circumstances always prevails, allowing you to rationalize and rely on your confidence in the future. In this way, also thanks to the positivity that you impose on yourself, you will be able to use at least in part, the frenetic energy that stress entails, to find alternative solutions to problems in order to solve them as soon as possible, eliminating the enemy (stress, precisely) around.

Taurus – Calmly
For a person who loves peace and quiet, you know how to manage stress much better than you think. Your reaction to heavy situations is therefore quite positive and even if you are not immune to the negative effects that stress entails, you know how to accept them with determination, forcing yourself to look ahead and focus on the after. Just as if you were faced with an exam to pass, therefore, you know how to cope with stressful moments, calming yourself and waiting for everything to pass and for the sun to shine again on your head.

Gemini – As if it were a personal challenge
Negative emotions are not for you. You don’t like them and they push you to close in on yourself. However, when a stressful situation is giving you thought, your reaction is more positive than usual. Of course, you continue to try to isolate yourself and avoid human contact as much as possible but, in doing so, you also know how to look inside yourself, I take this moment as an exam and face it with the intention of growing and improving yourself from every point of view. Being yourself again will be the coveted prize to be collected once the problem is overcome.

Cancer – With Extreme Negativity
Let’s face it, stressful situations aren’t for you at all. Your egotism, in fact, leads you to see every possible problem as a kind of conspiracy by the universe. This makes you not very proactive and not at all open to a possible solution. A vicious circle that once put in place will only make things worse, leading you to become poisonous to others as well. In short, stress is your worst enemy and the only way you can beat it on time is to welcome it and use it as a lever to improve yourself. Seeing is believing.

Leo – With so much strength
For you, life is a constant struggle to win in order to prove that you are the best. Even in stressful situations, therefore, your only option is to fight to the end, showing yourself energetic and capable of facing any challenge. A way of doing things that does you honor but that in certain situations can prove to be more tiring than you yourself can imagine. The key to reading? Being able to face stressful situations with determination but without exceeding. Sometimes, showing your more human side can also be a way to attract support and be a source of inspiration at the same time. After all, it’s only by seeing your human side that others can yearn to be like you, right?

Virgo – Pulling Straight Like a Train
Living under stress is perhaps one of your strengths. At work you manage to achieve otherwise impossible goals and in everyday life you can hold on without ever giving up. The only drawback? You don’t know how to ask for help and are often so focused that you don’t have time for others and end up isolating yourself. By doing this, however, you run the risk of scorching earth around you, which would not happen if you were able to admit that you are going through a dark moment. Not to mention that having someone fight by your side can be enjoyable every now and then.

Libra – Asking for help
Stress, for you, represents a moment of extreme disorder, capable of wreaking havoc not only in your life but in everything you have built over time. To overcome it, your only resource is to ask for help from loved ones, explaining how you feel and hoping for a hand from those who are better prepared than you in dealing with certain situations. A positive attitude as long as you don’t overdo it and show the right gratitude to those who decide to listen to you and make your concerns their own. Knowing how to give even in the darkest moments is good for the heart and soothes the soul.

Scorpio – With extreme fatigue
Living under stress has always been one of the things you fear the most. Feeling under scrutiny or with time running out while you have to deal with an important situation generates an unspeakable anxiety and even if from the outside you seem to know how to manage everything, even overcoming it in a brilliant way, inside you feel your world collapsing. This, of course, inexorably generates more stress, leading you to feel great tiredness. For this reason, when things don’t go your way, your first reaction is to isolate yourself and spend as much time as you can sleep. In fact, only by recharging yourself will you have the energy necessary to overcome everything and get back in better shape than before.

Sagittarius – Isolating yourself
If working speaking you can manage stress using it to your advantage to always give your best, in other areas of life you do not know how to deal with it, risking going haywire until you get stuck. In these cases, the only thing that makes you feel better is being alone with yourself, pondering what to do, pitying yourself and waiting for the situation to pass or turn into something more positive. When this happens, of course, you know how to return to your usual commitments with extreme naturalness, so much so as not to arouse even suspicion about what you have just experienced.

Capricorn – With Peace of Mind
Stress is a part of life and, as such, you take it into consideration no matter what your plans are. Always keeping yourself ready, when you hear it coming you know how to behave, taking big breaths and welcoming it for what it is: an emotion that is difficult to manage but which you do not give way to overwhelm yourself. In this way, every situation always appears for what it is, so much so that it is able to deal with it in the correct way, solving it quickly and even drawing the right advantages from it. At work, for example, stress is an engine that makes you more efficient and faster. Not so bad after all.

Aquarius – Probing the ground
When you feel that stress is becoming unbearable, your first reaction is to close in on yourself trying to gather the strength to face the situation that created it in the best possible way. In this way, you can often be detached, leading others to ask themselves some questions. A problem that does not touch you but that, on the contrary, allows you to better understand who you are next to, giving you the opportunity to refine your friendships by learning to distinguish between acquaintances and true friends.

Pisces – With sadness
Feeling stressed makes you nervous but above all sad. As if situations were able to drain you, you break down and end up seeing things in an often too negative way. For this reason, aware that there is a solution to everything, you tend to seek comfort in others, without burdening them with your problems. In doing so, however, you risk attracting people who are not sincere and willing to take advantage of your moment of weakness. It is therefore important to be particularly careful and rely only on trusted people, aware that once the heavy period is over, everything will be as before.

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