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5 Zodiac Signs That Will Take Revenge On Their Exes 2022


If you are intending to dump a Scorpio, be aware that you should be wary.

You might even even need to change your name and move to another country as Scorpio will definitely get revenge and they’ll love to do it.

Scorpios can hold a grudge for life and they never give up on the matter.

So even when you think you are safe, know that you are not. They are able to wait as long as it takes for revenge.

You can try to reason with them, talk to them, but they won’t listen to you.

They won’t be happy until they get their revenge and you get out. Beware of an ex who is Scorpio.


The Aries are preparing their revenge well! It won’t be anything violent like throwing things around or setting your car on fire, no, Aries is way smarter than that.

Aries will want to humiliate you in public, they will embarrass you and laugh at you by laughing in your face.

He will enjoy your pain and it will be his way of giving you back for what he went through when you dumped him.

He will choose public humiliation because he knows very well that if you try to reciprocate him, you will not succeed, because it is impossible for him to be humiliated in public since he does not care. what others think.


Pisces are quite sensitive by nature and if things between you don’t end well, you might end up hurting them quite a bit.

And if you hurt them you have to be extra careful – they may appear peaceful and harmless, but there is much more lurking beneath the surface.

They can really be really mean when you hurt them and do something to them that they normally wouldn’t do.

Hurt yourself in return will become a Pisces number one mission and he will make it his priority.

He’s not the type to forget when you hurt him, and that’s why he will want to make you suffer for the rest of your life.

So, you may wake up one morning, years after breaking up with a Pisces, realizing that it’s their fault that you’re still alone and have no job or no one to turn to.

Yes, this is something that could easily happen to you if you hurt a Pisces.


Okay, so let’s be realistic! Taurus is pretty scary even without getting pissed off.

He just won’t back down at anything, even when he’s not sure he’s right. He will never give in.

So imagine what it is like when he gets abandoned and his feelings hurt? Isn’t that scary?

Just know that he will haunt you and promise revenge, he won’t stop until he sees that you have suffered enough.

Even if he manages to get revenge, it doesn’t mean he will forgive you.

This sign is so stubborn that it’s really hard to understand and follow, and nothing is surprising when it comes to Taurus.


It is not easy to decipher a person of the sign of Virgo. These are people who are very secretive and can easily keep their feelings inside.

They’ve learned to keep things to themselves, so you never really know where you are with a Virgo.

They might not be as vengeful as the other signs, but the catch with them is that you will never be able to gauge if they love you or hate you.

It’s just their way of being. One second you think everything is fine and the next you become their nemesis.

They will send you snarling comments and act passively-aggressively towards you if you hurt them by ditching them.

They will do anything to get into your head and literally drive you crazy. They will pay attention to every little detail and their plan for revenge will be flawless.

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