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Have you been invited to a ceremony but don’t know what dress to wear? Get help from the stars and choose the one that best suits your way of being.

With the resumption of weddings and events, the possibility of having to take part in a ceremony are increasingly frequent. And this obviously involves the classic choice of what to wear to be at your best. Something that has gotten a bit out of the habit to the point of finding yourself with a big question mark at the thought of what to wear.

Well, since the stars can affect us both for taste and for the way we feel at ease, after having seen which is the most suitable nail polish based on the sign of the zodiac to which we belong, today we will discover which dress ceremony choose according to the zodiac sign . A way to feel beautiful and at the same time at ease.

The right ceremony dress for you based on your sign

Aries – A tight and short dress
Putting yourself on the first floor has always been your prerogative and the best way to do it is to opt for a tight and possibly short dress. Obviously the length will be chosen according to the type of ceremony you will have to attend. As for the color, both red and black will do just fine. The important thing is that there are accessories such as a bag with jewel detail and shoes with particularly high heels.

Taurus – A fitted top with a long, full skirt
A princess dress is one that will make you feel at the top no matter what event you attend. So why not wear a nice fitted top to match a long fluffy skirt? A royal and truly elegant look that will highlight your love for detail. Even more so if you combine it with eye-catching earrings, leaving the rest to be more sober and less showy. After all, to be elegant you must always know how to dare but without exaggerating, right?

Gemini – A floral and strapless dress
If you want to feel beautiful at the right point you can opt for something floral (preferably in pastel shades) and that has no sleeves. A sweetheart neckline could be the best choice and able to embellish your figure. Sandals with a jewel detail and a scarf to take with you will do the rest, giving you an elegant and at the same time sunny and cheerful air. That is just the one that suits you the most.

Cancer – A sheath dress that reaches mid-leg
When you want to get noticed you have to bet everything on your femininity. In this case, a sheath dress in a dark color will make your image stand out and all with a certain elegance. The choice of shoes and bag must be very accurate and will be even more correct if both contain at least one reference to the dress. For the rest, an elegant necklace or a pair of earrings is enough and you will be ready to get noticed with sobriety. And all for an image that will remain impressed and that will always be more than pleasant.

Leone – A long dress with a wide slit
For you, appearing and getting acclaim is essential. And what better occasion than a ceremony? A long dress will be the perfect choice for you as long as it has a long slit that highlights your figure and makes you stand out on everyone. Alternatively you can opt for a neckline. What matters is to focus on your femininity and, of course, on the desire to get noticed. A pair of long earrings and the right hairstyle will do the rest making you one of the most admired and making you feel like a princess at her very personal prom.

Virgo – A top with a longer skirt behind
If you want to get noticed you can focus on just one detail that is visible and at the same time elegant. In your case, a top to be combined with a longer back skirt will give you that extra touch, allowing you to feel comfortable but without being uncomfortable or limited in your movements. All for a look that will make you feel deeply at ease and that for this you will love to the point of not wanting to part with it anymore.

Libra – A long slip
dress The right dress for you when it comes to ceremonies? A long dress of those with a petticoat. Perfect for drawing your shapes without ever exceeding and giving you an elegant and almost ethereal air. The choice in colors could go between silver and a very soft and barely hinted floral shade. But the truth is, whatever you choose, the effect will be more than pleasant. Especially when combined with a bag and simple shoes. Your innate elegance will do the rest and will lead you to be noticed in a sober but no less important way.

Scorpio – A dress with an empire-style neckline
A short or long dress that delineates the curve of the breast and goes down wider towards the bottom. This is the choice that will make you feel comfortable and at the same time beautiful and elegant. A style that suits you and that you wear really well. Especially if combined with the right hairstyle and small jewel details to bring out here and there. You will love wearing it to the point of hoping you can do it again. And all with remarkable results in terms of consensus. As always, others won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Sagittarius – A dress with a plunging neckline
A beautiful neckline is what you need to feel more beautiful and elegant at the same time. Once this is chosen, the length of the dress will take a back seat. What matters is to feel at ease and to do so you will have to focus a lot on shoes and on any jewels to combine with everything. Once you have found all the elements you need you will feel more than ready to participate in any event, sure to get noticed and at the same time enjoy all the comfort you need.

Capricorn – The long dress with details on the bodice
A long dress that is well defined at the top is what will make you feel particularly comfortable. Whether it’s rhinestones, embroidery, decorations or jewel details, it doesn’t matter. For the rest, a long and soft skirt could be the perfect match and everything for a dress that can make you feel at ease and at the same time give you the right elegance. The one that will make you feel in line with any type of event.

Aquarius – The suit with trousers
Tight-fitting and elegant trousers to combine with a top that knows how to attract attention is a type of suit that will not let you go unnoticed and that at the same time will allow you to feel perfectly at ease. Exactly what you need to better enjoy any type of ceremony. Just a beaded or rhinestone top and black or other colored trousers and the result will be practically perfect. Even better if you combine everything with a particular hairstyle able to get you noticed.

Pisces – A short dress with a wide skirt
A dress with a romantic air is what suits you best for a ceremony. Adherent at the top and with a wide skirt and above the knees. A dress like this will give you a jaunty air that you will adore and that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. All for a day to live peacefully, comfortably and without feeling constrained in clothes that you would not like to wear. Long and fluffy hair and a handbag in line with the dress and you will be practically perfect.

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