He made you a promise, can you trust him? Astrologers have compiled the ranking of the zodiac signs that keep their promises.

We all make promises but we give a different value to what we promise and astrologers know this well because according to them our ability to make faith or not to a promise would depend on our zodiac sign.

Here is a new ranking of the zodiac signs, a ranking entirely based on promises, from those who keep their promises no matter what it costs to those who don’t care about the promises they make. Let’s see at what point in the ranking your sign is.

Zodiac signs and promises, that’s who keeps them and who doesn’t

How many times have they made us a promise and asked ourselves if we could trust it? Likewise, others will have wondered whether or not the promises made by us were reliable. According to the stars, knowing if a person is reliable or not in terms of promises is very simple, it all depends on the zodiac sign. Our sign affects our personality and the way we behave around others. Find out who are the zodiac signs most loyal to promises, from the most reliable to the least reliable in terms of promises:

1. Scorpio

Scorpio is the most reliable sign of the zodiac, if he makes you a promise you can be sure he will keep it, it is too proud a sign not to strictly stick to what he says. Scorpio has a strong sense of honor and justice, if for some reason you disappoint them, they will hardly forgive you, in the same way, they try to be loyal always.

2. Virgo

Second, in the ranking, we find Virgo, a sign that does not make promises that he does not know he can keep, when he comes to promise you something it is because he has already evaluated it and has already decided that it can be done. Whatever he promised you, believe in him, you can blindly trust his word.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn is a very responsible zodiac sign, they spend their life making the right choices and work very hard to get what they want. I l Capricorn does ephemeral promises. It may take some time to deliver on the promise, as it is a very busy and busy sign, but it won’t let you down. When a Capricorn promises he doesn’t forget it.

4. Leo

Leo is a particular sign, he sees himself as his interlocutor sees him, if you judge him reliable, he feels reliable. It is a sign that is very attached to his reputation, and he will do everything he can not to harm it. If you have a great impression of him and tell him that you are sure he will keep his promise, you can be sure that he will meet your expectations.

5. Cancer

Cancer keeps the promises they make, but they only make promises that are convenient for them to make. Let’s say that is very attached to his family when he promises something that serves to preserve peace and guarantee the happiness of the family, he can move even the mountains to keep them. Cancer is a sign that they do not easily forget something that has hurt them, so they do not do anything that can disappoint others, such as breaking a promise.

6. Taurus

Taurus is an honest sign and keeps its promises, but it’s also a sign that it doesn’t do anything if it doesn’t get personal gain. Taurus promises as long as it will take some advantage of this promise. Let’s say that Taurus tries to negotiate before making a promise, but once the promise has been made, he will not break it. Greed takes precedence over reality for them.

7. Aries

Aries is a very impulsive sign, they don’t always take the time to think before making a decision, which is why many things escape them less, including promises. Their impulsiveness makes them believe they can do whatever they want, but they don’t come to terms with reality. By not evaluating, mistakes are made more easily. With the heart, they would like to keep every promise made and try to keep it but sometimes reality makes sudden changes.

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign that makes promises beyond its real possibilities. They promise the moon and the stars, and they rarely keep their promises and they hurt themselves. Faced with the promise of a Sagittarius, we must remember that there is the possibility that it is a reverie because it is a sign that tends to dream a lot. He also doubts his words, but never his heart.

9. Pisces

The sign of Pisces is the greatest dreamer of the horoscope, this makes it unreliable when it promises. Of all the promises made, you can believe roughly half, the rest are exaggerations dictated by his momentary emotions. Be aware that this sign has sudden mood swings so a promise made now may not make any sense half an hour later. However, with a little motivation, you will be able to get from them a commitment to keep their word.

10. Libra

Libra loves to please others for this they promise without thinking too much. He hates seeing unhappy people around him so he loses realism and always does it because he can’t learn his lesson. Don’t over-value the things it promises or you’ll end up disappointed.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius promises many things to themselves, but promising things to others is a little too much for them. Aquarius sees a promise as a bond, something that harms his freedom and places constraints on him. The worst thing you can do is pressure Aquarius to keep a promise. It is good that you realize that whatever they say, do, think, and even whatever they want, they will never fully express it.

12. Gemini

Gemini has a big flaw, they will always try to please everyone and therefore they do and say everything that is needed to make others happy depending on the circumstance. In reality, when he makes a promise, he does not necessarily fulfill it, because he tends to forget it very quickly.

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