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5 Vainest Zodiac Signs In Astrology


Libras are at the top of our list, which must come as no surprise as, with Venus as their governing planet, these people have an innate appreciation for aesthetic beauty like no other sign. Though Libras are aware that appearances aren’t everything, they are drawn to attractive individuals in friendships and partnerships.


Gemini is a sign that likes to be praised, so it’s no surprise that it ranks high on the list. A Gemini, as among the most adaptable and outgoing zodiac signs, would gladly change their minds if it means gaining the friendship of somebody else. If it means that more people would like them, they would say one thing to one individual and then give an entirely different interpretation of their viewpoint to the other.


Taurus is a mixed bag: dependable and sturdy at best, but shallow and entitled at worst. Although people born under this sign are usually diligent and grounded, they do have a materialistic side that might overflow. Taurus could be tough to deal with when in these moods, since they believe they only deserve the finer things in life.


It may come as a surprise to see Virgo emerge in a zodiac that is known for its meticulous planning. Virgos, as one of the most intellectual zodiac signs, have high expectations of themselves and others. They frequently pass judgement on others based on first impressions of their beauty or intellect, giving these individuals little opportunity to amend their minds.


There must be no doubt that Leos value morals as one of the most faithful zodiac signs. At the same time, Leos are born kings and queens, and they need to be treated as such. Because they are such a theatrical zodiac sign, they will often go to any length to be in the limelight, even if it goes against their beliefs.

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