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The Bad Relationship Habit Each Zodiac Needs To Break

No one is perfect and no one should strive for perfection because you will always lose. All we can do is strive to be our best selves, and there is no finish line to cross. It’s a lifelong commitment.

We all have our weak points and it manifests in different ways based on the individual. Here are the bad relationship habits you need to try a little harder to overcome according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Making it all about you.

You are fun, fiery, and passionate. Sometimes it feels like it’s your world and we’re all just living in it. This makes you an exciting and dynamic person, but you can’t be in a healthy relationship where the other person is just along for the ride. Stop treating your partner like a supporting character in the movie of your life, the one who is just there to be your sounding board.

Taurus: Not caring about what your partner wants.

You are strong-willed. You know what you want and know how to get it and believe you know best when it comes to pretty much everything. And yes, you do have your finger on the pulse of all the best places to go and things to do. However, you have to show a little care and compassion for your partner and at least some of the time let him or her make the plan and choose the place.

Gemini: Flaking on plans.

You are flexible and adaptable, this is great in some scenarios but going where the wind takes you can also be very hurtful. While it can be hard to stay committed to a plan when something else seemingly more important comes up, a relationship does require a certain degree of self-sacrifice at times, and being there for your partner and being reliable should be more of a priority.

Cancer: Using your relationship as an emotional dumping ground.

A relationship can be your safe, supportive place. Yes, it’s fine to share your struggles, but when you use your relationship as an emotional dumping ground, you fuel it with toxicity. We all have unpleasantries that we deal with daily, and dwelling on them tends to attract more problems into our lives. Also, your bringing all that negativity into the relationship is contagious. It will put your partner in a negative space and now personal problems will become relationship problems.

Leo: Overbearing.

You are a lot, but sometimes you border on being a little too much. You love hard and fiercely. You want deep devotion and focused attention and this is what you give your partners, but sometimes this can go too far. Your partner needs some room to breathe in the relationship, otherwise, they will become resentful

Virgo: Nitpicking.

You are a perfectionist, you do it to yourself and to those around you and to be blunt: it drives people crazy! Let go of your need for everything to be a certain way. Not everyone cares about what you care about and has the same need for things to be so precise.

Libra: People pleasing.

You just want everyone to be happy and at peace. That’s nice. But this can become a problem when you don’t express emotions for the sake of peacekeeping which can result in a buildup of resentment … and resentment can never be contained, it always finds a way out. Practice being honest when something bothers you.

Scorpio: Being jealous.

Trust is a tricky thing for you. When you decide you can trust someone, you go all in and are fiercely loyal. But getting to that place of pure trust is a journey and until you get there, you tend to get jealous easily and also to mistrust your partner’s intentions.

Sagittarius: Being too blunt.

You don’t mince words and are honest and to the point. This can be refreshing at times, but also hurtful. Step out of your own experience and see what it is someone else needs. If they are feeling especially vulnerable and emotional, then maybe bluntness isn’t the play.

Capricorn: Prioritizing your goals over your partner.

You are intensely driven and motivated. Your ability to accomplish what you set your mind to is unparalleled in all the zodiac. So try setting your mind to treating your partner in the same priority fashion as you do your goals. A partner who doesn’t feel seen and appreciated will lash out and there will be an undercurrent of stress and strain on the relationship.

Aquarius: Withdrawing from problems instead of dealing with them.

You would rather float around in the land of ideas and unlimited possibilities than come down to earth and deal with actual problems. Having emotionally heavy conversations is also a bit much for you and makes you feel very drained. But when you withdraw, you shut your partner out and nothing gets solved. Yes, it’s OK to take a little space to collect your thoughts, but eventually, you will have to face whatever it is you’re hiding from.

Pisces: Not taking responsibility.

You tend to play the victim role and in a relationship, you may see things as happening to you rather than owning up to your role. This can be exhausting and exasperating for your partner.

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