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According to astrologers, there is a direct link between your astrological sign and your relationships with others. Here are the 7 relationship problems you encounter most often, according to your zodiac sign.

The 7 relationship problems you encounter the most, sign by sign

Have you ever rolled your eyes and blamed the stars, the universe or any other space force for the problems that ruined your romantic relationships? Well, you may not be wrong in pinpointing the culprit. Here is the influence of the stars on your relationship problems:


  1. You have a difficult character
  2. You are intolerant
  3. You are impulsive
  4. You are too competitive and have a spasmodic need to be the best in everything you do
  5. You can’t pass over anything
  6. You are impatient
  7. You can’t take the time for the people who matter to you


  1. You are breaking your emotions
  2. You are too stubborn
  3. You panic at the slightest upheaval in your life
  4. Can’t apologize
  5. You place too much emphasis on material things
  6. You don’t trust your partner
  7. Invest too much in yourself and little in others


  1. You need a lot of attention and affection
  2. You tend to express the least of your moods
  3. You get tired of people quickly
  4. You are possessive to the point of being violent towards your partner
  5. You like quarrels and go straight to melodrama
  6. You don’t like to chain relationships and end up being disappointed in love
  7. You’re too active and can’t stand lazy people


  1. You give people too much too quickly
  2. You are slightly “borderline”
  3. You are possessive and have little self-confidence
  4. You are constantly looking for outside help
  5. You are often sad and grumpy
  6. You need a stable and creative person, a difficult combination to find
  7. Express your emotions a little too freely “


  1. You are a suffocating partner
  2. You’re a little too arrogant
  3. You are a little too materialistic or even a little stingy
  4. You demand more attention than you can offer in return
  5. You are centered on your own person
  6. Support your partner in the worst possible way
  7. You are too demanding of others


  1. You are too critical of others
  2. You fall in love too easily
  3. You have trouble getting rid of toxic people
  4. You can’t relax
  5. You are stressed and you communicate your anxiety to others
  6. You don’t take other people’s emotions into consideration
  7. You are impulsive


  1. You give up too easily and are afraid of conflict
  2. Avoid confrontation
  3. You can’t manage your time
  4. You don’t know how to express your thoughts correctly
  5. You are indecisive and you never know what you want
  6. You never say things frankly
  7. You always try to do too much


  1. You are too busy with yourself
  2. You are bored too quickly
  3. You hardly trust
  4. You are too jealous and possessive
  5. You are not good at expressing your feelings
  6. You are too resentful
  7. You are too sensitive


  1. You lack patience terribly
  2. You can’t stand clingy people
  3. You can’t commit
  4. Make promises you can’t keep
  5. You don’t know how to respect the limits of the other
  6. You are too raw in your words
  7. You can’t stand the routine and get tired too quickly


  1. You are ruthless with others
  2. You have the charm of the villain
  3. You have a sick need to please others
  4. You always think you know everything
  5. You have trouble expressing your feelings clearly
  6. You forgive too easily
  7. You don’t know how to impose limits


  1. You are too independent
  2. You have trouble expressing your emotions
  3. You give up too easily
  4. Ask a lot
  5. You have the impression of being misunderstood
  6. You have trouble projecting yourself
  7. You never admit your wrongs


  1. You are arrogant
  2. You appreciate loneliness
  3. You are a dreamer and you need to escape
  4. Make an effort without having a return
  5. You never express your feelings clearly
  6. You have too many friends of the opposite s*x
  7. You categorically reject change

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