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4 Zodiacs Who Would Rather Be Alone Than In A FWB Relationship

Some zodiacs are only searching for a serious relationship, so they won’t settle for anything too casual. Even if they’re super attracted to someone, they will maintain the standards that they’ve already set for themselves. They won’t back down or change their mind. Here are the zodiacs who would rather be alone than in a FWB relationship, even if they really adore the other person:


Cancers would rather be alone than in a FWB relationship because they have their heart set on something serious. They have so much love to give, and quite frankly, they tend to get attached. Even if they willingly agreed to a casual relationship, it probably won’t be long until they start developing real, strong feelings for this other person. Which will lead to messy, hurt feelings. It’s best for this sign to stay alone than to enter a FWB relationship because they are going to be crushed if the other person doesn’t feel the same way. They’re much better off entering a relationship where they’re on the same page from the start.


Virgos would rather be alone than in a FWB relationship because they are hoping to create a stable life for themselves — and FWBs always lead to some sort of drama. This sign doesn’t want to deal with such a complicated type of relationship because they are comfortable on their own. They would rather stay single than get mixed up in a FWB situation where someone is bound to get hurt. Since they are independent enough to take care of themselves, they’ll hold out for a committed relationship where they’re getting all of their needs met, not only the physical ones.


Libras would rather be alone than in a FWB relationship because emotional intimacy matters to them more than physical intimacy. They want to feel comfortable opening up to the person they’re seeing. They want to have long, in-depth conversations about their hopes and dreams, about the world and their places within it. This sign isn’t the biggest fan of FWB relationships because they want more meaning to their connections. They want to really get to know the person they’re spending so much time alongside. They don’t want to settle for one form of intimacy. They want every form of it. They want someone who can give them everything.


Capricorns would rather be alone than in a FWB relationship because they want a partner who is a real teammate. They want someone who they can spend hours speaking to in person or over the phone. They have busy schedules, so if they’re going to set aside time to spend with another person, they want that person to be a permanent fixture in their life. They want to have real potential with that person, and to start building a future together. This sign is much more interested in committed relationships than casual ones, so it’s rare for them to get in a FWB relationship, especially as they grow older and more committed to creating a consistent future for themselves.

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