Who will he marry? (according to his zodiac sign)


Aries wants a wife who is ready for anything

Aries craves adventure, and a partner who is able to keep up with his fun and adventurous lifestyle. Aries wants to see a strong, independent and ready woman next to him.

Taurus wants his wife to have traditional values

Taurus is crazy about feminine, gentle women who adhere to old-fashioned traditions. No, he does not want his betrothed to be a housewife, he longs for her to bring comfort to their common home and let him feel her love.

Gemini looking for a smart wife

Gemini will prefer an intelligent woman who can support the conversation and express her opinion with some difficulty. A Gemini man needs a wife who will constantly challenge him and will not let him get bored.

Cancer wants a wife with a strong maternal instinct

Few couples, including a Cancer partner in the zodiac sign, live without children. They have a very strong desire to care about who is most dear to them and to share love with their family members.

Leo needs a confident wife

Leo is big, bold and loves to be the center of attention. He needs a woman who does not become invisible next to him. She must have great self-esteem so that she is not jealous when her Leo husband flirts and charms others.

Virgo wants to marry an honest woman

The Virgo man cannot stand anything fake, so he wants to see an honest woman next to him. Virgo’s wife is straightforward, independent and truthful, without disdain, lack of respect or anger.

Libra is looking for a carefree woman

Libra seeks harmony and balance, and wants their partner to avoid confrontation and aggression. They want to see a calm, sweet person next to them. And, since Libra is difficult to decide on anything, their wife will have the patience of a saint.

Scorpio can’t resist a bold confident woman

Scorpio is super passionate and lovely, so they need a partner who has a similar appetite for love. If you are not shy when it comes to romance, the Scorpio man will want to connect his fate with you forever.

Sagittarius wants his bride to love change

Sagittarius hates routine, he needs stimulation, which means that he is looking for new places, new people and constant change. If you demonstrate that you are adapting and coping with change, you will be the perfect match for Sagittarius.

Capricorn needs a career-oriented wife

Work is extremely important for a Capricorn man, and he wants his chosen one to be the same careerist as himself. If you are passionate about promotion, you will most likely share the interests of Capricorn: independence, competence, reliability, and problem solving skills.

Aquarius is looking for a freedom-loving woman

The Aquarius man cannot stand tradition and conservatism, especially in a partner. He wants someone original and special, including the look, actions and thoughts of a partner. The more non-standard you are, the more interesting it is for Aquarius. If your point of view is unique, Aquarius will be amazed and fascinated by you.

Pisces marries a kind-hearted woman

The Pisces man is very loving and kind, and wants to see the same qualities in his partner. Pisces gravitate towards compassionate women who are engaged in saving plants, animals or people. Pisces are creative people and can get lost in their dreams, so they need someone to put up with it and gently bring them back to reality.


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