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4 Zodiacs Who Put Their Person First


You deeply value safety and security in a relationship, and you embrace that. So when you’re in a relationship, you can be quite romantic. You put all your cards in. You offer everything you can for someone and you will put their desires and wants first.


Sweet Cancer, you are a nurturer. You like taking care of others — it gives you a sense of purpose. You are so devoted to making sure your partner feels loved and validated. You will do whatever for your partner, even if that means putting their needs before your own.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you are attentive to your partner and will offer whatever they want or need. However, you can get caught up in it — your people-pleasing tendencies. The way you love and care for others is lovely, but don’t feel like you have to sacrifice yourself for it.


Pisces, you are incredibly sensitive and intuitive. Because of that, you sense when your romantic partners are struggling, so you will offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. You want to create a loving, safe, and supportive environment for your partner.

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