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The Signs That Have To Break A Heart Before They Know Their True Love

In the universe of the zodiac, there are natives who, without intention, seem to be part of the painful journey of others towards finding true love.

Three zodiac signs, for different reasons, could break the hearts of others before discovering their true love. Find out about who it is!

There is an ancient wisdom that says that our hearts must be shaken, be broken before they discover their true power to love.

In the mystical world of astrology, it is said that certain zodiac signs are destined to go through this experience with a special intensity.

Under the specific influences of the planets and astral configurations, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn seem to unintentionally become part of heartbreak experiences in their quest to discover their authentic connections.


Cancer, being ruled by the Moon, is indeed a complex mix of emotions and reactions, and this lunar sensitivity can play a significant role in their romantic experiences.

These natives are known for the depth of their emotions and for being extremely loyal to their loved ones. They invest their emotions with extraordinary intensity, creating a deep connection in relationships.

What can become confusing for the partners around them is their tendency to have sudden changes in attitude. Cancers tend to withdraw in moments of vulnerability or when they feel overwhelmed by intense emotions. On such occasions, they can become reserved, withdrawing to regain their balance. This behavior can be difficult to understand for those who are looking for stability and consistency in their relationship.

This rapid and sometimes seemingly inexplicable change in their behavior can create confusion and mistrust, and partners can interpret moments of withdrawal as a sign of rejection or lack of interest, which can lead to conflict or broken hearts.

It is important to note that Cancers do not want to hurt someone on purpose, but rather withdraw in their effort to regulate and protect their own emotions.

To have a successful relationship, their partners should be aware of this dynamic and give Cancers time and space to regain their emotional balance. Open communication and empathy are key in dealing with these sensitive natives.


Libras, being ruled by Venus, are drawn to aesthetics and balance in all aspects of their lives, including love. However, their perpetual desire to find harmony can bring several dilemmas into their relationships.

Libras are often drawn to multiple options in love because of their desire to explore. This constant search for possibilities can create a sense of insecurity about dating decisions.

What does this mean? In their quest to find the perfect balance and ideal partner, Libras can be hesitant to fully commit, which can leave partners with broken hearts or a sense of uncertainty.

The secret to a successful relationship with a Libra is for their partners to be aware of this tendency and provide space and patience in their exploration.

Open communication and understanding are vital to helping Libras overcome uncertainty and find balance in the relationship. Once they feel accepted and understood, these natives can offer deep love and genuine harmony in their relationships.


Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and ambition, takes a serious and dedicated approach to personal and professional goals. This intense focus can sometimes create a distance in their relationships.

Capricorn natives are known for their strong ambition and fierce pursuit of success in life. This can lead to situations where partners feel neglected or left behind. Absorbed in their challenges and goals, Capricorns may not always provide their partners with the attention and emotional support they need.

Focusing on professional success or personal achievements can create discomfort in the relationship, and partners can feel a distance from them and a lack of emotional involvement, which will contribute to feelings of disappointment and distress.

To maintain balance in the relationship with a Capricorn, couple partners should be aware of their professional dedication and try to identify common ground. Open communication and finding a balance between personal and professional life are essential to strengthening the connection with a Capricorn. Once they feel supported and understood in their pursuit of success, they will be your most loyal partners.

So these signs, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, have remarkable qualities, but their specific way of approaching relationships can bring suffering to those who are looking for a deep and stable connection. It is important to understand that these traits are not always negative, but can also provide important lessons.

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