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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Do Something Crazy This Weekend (Mar 29-31)

So many of us use the weekend to recharge after a stressful week of work and annoying adult obligations. But sometimes we need to set aside the plans to veg out and binge-watch our favorite shows in favor of doing something dramatic. If you’re one of these four zodiacs, here’s your sign that you should do something crazy and impulsive this weekend.


You know you get stuck in a rut. You’re well aware. And you’re probably also aware that you’re very much in that rut as we speak. You can blame winter hibernation for that. While you’re more comfortable at home or your go-to spot when you go out, there’s no harm in doing something out of your comfort zone this weekend. Let your friends pick something to do. Let them know this is a rare occasion where you’re down for whatever. They’ll likely jump at the chance to turn it into a memorable weekend.


You dream of crazy weekends, but when it comes down to making them happen, you freeze. You might feel weird initiating a spontaneous hang-out with your friends or perhaps you feel self-conscious about your whacky ideas. Try to let go of self-censorship this weekend. The girlies who have regular adventures all have one thing in common: They don’t care if people judge them. So let go of your judgment of yourself and do all the weird and crazy things you dream about during the work week.


When you have a good idea, you tend to do that thing over and over. You love a routine when it comes to weekend plans. That’s why you’re always having brunch at the same spot on late Sunday mornings or hitting the same bookstores when you have a free Saturday afternoon. While there’s comfort in the routine, you’re doing yourself a disservice. For this weekend, make a pact with yourself that you’ll do something completely new. And I don’t mean like ordering something you’ve never had at the restaurant you always go to. Your crazy weekend thing should be completely out of your wheelhouse.


You like what you like. You often don’t see the need to do anything different. You probably even hate to see your sign on this list. Doing something “crazy?” What’s the point, right? Here’s why you should do something nuts this weekend: You won’t know what you’re missing until you go out and find it. Maybe you’ll end the weekend even firmer in the idea that you want to stick to your list of tried-and-true activities. Then again, you might come away with an entirely new hobby to add to your must-haves. You only live once, Aquarius.

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