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4 Zodiacs Who Need Reassurance About Their Life Path


It’s easy for you to feel guilty, Gemini. You see your hobbies and obligations as children who you try not to play favorites towards, and as a result, you feel like none of them get the time and attention they truly deserve. You compare yourself to others who aren’t multitasking the way you are. It’s like being upset someone reads a book faster than you when you are reading four others at the same time. You need confirmation you’re on the right life path because you feel like you should be miles ahead of where you currently stand in every aspect of your life. Sure, maybe you could cross the finish line of a huge life milestone if you put 100% of your effort into that one area, but you’d have to sacrifice the rest. You wouldn’t be you, Gemini, without “the rest”. You nurture your friends, family, career, relationships, hobbies, and travel because they bring you fulfillment. Speed is not the focus of your life path; it’s not a race to the finish. You’re traveling by tour bus, because there’s a lot to take with you, stops to make along the way, and people so excited to see you. You just have to embrace the inner rock star that you are.


You question whether you’re on the right life path because you have such a narrow view of who fits on any given track, Libra. You’re known for having good taste, but that taste is holding you back. The older you get, the more you stop participating in the things you enjoy to simply become a spectator. You’re a more self-aware version of Nicholas Hoult’s character in The Menu, retaining so much information about your interests without any real-life application. You long to be on a life path in which your interests become your profession. The athlete, the writer, the chef, the television travel host, and the dancer. You see yourself as not lucky enough, not driven enough, not talented enough to partake in experiences you perceive as highly competitive, but a life path is an individual experience. You can shoot free throws alone, you can write poems no one else will ever read, you can cook dinner that looks disgusting but tastes amazing, you can take a solo trip, or dance in the shower when no one is watching. You can do anything at any time, simply because you enjoy it, and no one can evaluate you without an explicit invitation to do so. Enjoyment is never outside your reach.


You hold yourself to such high standards, Scorpio, and are afraid of letting others down. This pressure to please and perform can cloud your judgment and make you second-guess yourself. You may see yourself as indecisive, but often you are simply weighing your own desires against what you perceive to be other’s expectations of you. Sometimes you may not even know what you want because you’ve been focused on meeting others’ needs for so long, but it’s never too late to get to know yourself. Your life path is about finding a balance between a life you are proud of and one you enjoy. You wouldn’t be you without your value system and moral code, but you can’t sacrifice your whole life for the service and whims of others either. Whether you find yourself struggling with this impasse, take time away to listen to your inner monologue. Learn to distinguish your own inner voice from the voices you absorb from those around you. There’s always a way forward that allows you to treat others the way you want to be treated, while not allowing anyone to walk all over you in the process. You don’t have to feel guilty for choosing things that will benefit you personally, or for doing things simply because you enjoy them.


Your goofy exterior hides the imaginative and intellectual inner monologue you spend most of your time in, Sagittarius. You find yourself questioning whether you’re on the right life path because your day-to-day life never quite lives up to what you’ve dreamt up in your head. You can see yourself doing anything but focus on the realistic and practical because you are so responsible and self-sufficient. The type who would love to drop everything to travel the world, but also won’t because you need that financial stability. These dueling sides of your personality never let you win. Your feet are never firmly on the ground, while also never being able to take flight. You’re like a flying squirrel that’s a shame it can only glide while others envy even that ability. You find confidence in your choices when you shift your perspective to see your strengths and privilege the way others do. When you stop being so competitive and see your success on its own timetable and evaluated at your own standards. You do your best work when you let that wild imagination take off in the direction it chooses and let your heart and mind follow behind. Stop looking at everyone else for inspiration when you have everything you need at home.

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