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4 Zodiacs Who Deserve Some Alone Time This May

May marks a transitional period in more ways than one. As the weather continues to heat up and the burgeoning plant life thrives in the rejuvenating light of the sun, certain zodiac signs might experience some sudden changes in their temperament or personality. As they reflect on the challenges ahead in their personal, professional, or romantic lives, these signs might think about escaping the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life, glorying in the healthy silence that comes with some much-needed alone time.


You live an incredibly active lifestyle, forever searching for new places to venture towards and new people to meet in your travels. But as May approaches, Aries, you should make an effort to stop and look inward, asking yourself what exactly you’re looking for on your epic adventures abroad. To avoid running from this answer, suppress the natural impulse you have to purchase a plane ticket and hop on the next flight to Europe or Asia. Only through careful contemplation and self-reflection will you unlock the secrets of the self, allowing you to better understand what you’re looking for in life (a better job, a happier relationship, loyal friends, etc.).


At family functions and large get-togethers, you’re used to being the center of attention, inserting yourself into every conversation and adding your valuable input into that dialogue at hand. While you prefer seeing yourself as a people person, your outgoing nature is partially borne out of your flagrant fear of solitude, as well as your constant need to have someone to talk to at any given moment. You have plenty to offer the world, Gemini, but you also need to sit back and overcome your phobia about loneliness. Because at the end of the day, your unending conversations don’t make you who you are–something you’ll be able to come to terms with when you’re the only person in the room to talk to.


Like your fellow fire signs in Aries, you, Sagittarius, are forever looking to the horizon at the next adventure ahead. As someone who spends your downtime pondering potential vacation locales and browsing online travel deals, it’s safe to say traveling the world is a deep-seated passion of yours, giving you the chance to get out of your comfort zone whenever a new opportunity presents itself. Before you depart on your next odyssey, however, be sure to momentarily take in the wonders of your current surroundings, spending time with the people you’ll be leaving behind. By acknowledging the mutual admiration you and your loved ones hold for each other, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of home and all the positive things that come with it.


As someone who values their privacy, you’re used to being alone, thriving in solitary situations without the distractions of other people. In your eyes, your personality is a vast, untamed forest–one that even the most hard-hearted explorers might fail to successfully navigate through. As a result, you’re used to putting up walls between yourself and others, holding friends and family members an emotional arm’s length away. This May, Aquarius, it’s time to come to terms with this self-imposed sense of isolation, taking the opportunity to look around you and see its benefits and weaknesses. Yes, you have plenty of time for hobbies–but you also need to notice the limits of this lifestyle, along with the meager number of people you fully open yourself up to.

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