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Better alone than badly accompanied: the stars reveal the 5 most solitary zodiac signs of the zodiac

Loving solitude is a way of cultivating one’s secret garden and one’s wealth. This is not necessarily a bad thing contrary to some beliefs. Loneliness, as long as it is not chronic, allows you to focus on yourself and dedicate yourself to your introspection, which is necessary to embark on the path of personal evolution. To achieve this, some people isolate themselves, engage in solitary activities, or focus on themselves through meditation, for example, and thanks to this they can live with peace in their chests and can better cope with reality. of life.

For these people, loneliness is a way to disconnect from the world for a certain period, to gain some stability and an ability to concentrate to recover. However, when loneliness becomes a habit and a life choice or is forced, the person experiencing it could hide a psychological problem that can become uncontrolled depression.

Astrologers reveal the most solitary zodiac signs they see in solitude, a way to escape every day, not to exclude oneself from society but to find oneself and get new ideas.

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The 5 loneliest zodiac signs of the zodiac


Aquarius are water signs that do not have a half size. They are open, pleasant, and sociable, or closed and lonely. Very confident in their abilities, they have no problem finding themselves alone; they are self-sufficient. And for good reason, they are idealists and live well in their world that they stand up with their ideas and reference points. Sensitive and emotional to the extreme, they often find it difficult to externalize their feelings and immerse themselves in a kind of silence that they have a hard time leaving most of the time.

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Cancers are imaginative people, they also have a strong sensitivity and a wealth of soul that comes from their inner world. They need to be surrounded and protected, and when they don’t feel that security, they close in their carapace. This attitude, not understood by others, denotes the anxiety they may feel in the face of the aggression of the outside world that they face daily. They will try to take care of themselves and isolate themselves in their daydreams and moments to recharge their batteries.

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Capricorns are among the most complicated signs of the zodiac. They make loneliness their way out to deal with their weaknesses or defeat. Hardworking and ambitious workers to the extreme, they make their tasks the reason for their lives, sometimes even at the expense of their personal life. And because of this, they often isolate themselves to focus exclusively on their work. Also, apart from the love of work, they often decide to lock themselves in a shell, excluding their partner. Their explanation for this attitude lies in the fact that they need to use their moments to indulge in great reflection.

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Virgo has recognized qualities but often lacks self-confidence and mistakenly thinks that no one appreciates her company, which often forces her to chase loneliness. Also, perfect perfectionists, Virgo natives, tend to be lonely and scrupulously organize things to do when off work.

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Pisces are solitary signs who like to live in their imaginary world, idealized by new ideas that are sometimes unfeasible. Their personality is characterized by a strong sensitivity and intuitive ability that makes them receptive, absorbing the energy of others, like a sponge resulting in emotional upheaval. For this reason, they often need great moments of solitude to cleanse themselves of negative emotions as they weaken quickly, psychologically and physically.

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