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3 Signs That Don’t Know How To Love

Astrologers have discovered that each zodiac sign has its characteristics when in a relationship. Some natives, although they want to have a partner, do not know how to express their feelings.

These zodiac signs don’t know how to love or, better said, they don’t know how to show it. Often, people born in the three zodiac signs are thought to be cold or distant.

They can be loyal partners when they set out to do so, but they often lack empathy and affection. That is why quarrels and reproaches frequently appear in their relationships.

These natives in the horoscope need understanding and affection. And the partners who manage to offer them these things will discover the most beautiful feelings in them!

Three signs that don’t know how to love

These three zodiac signs can hardly manage to be vulnerable and let themselves be completely carried away by love.

The most empathetic zodiac signs in the horoscope. They want the good of everyone


Virgos are at the top of the ranking in terms of detachment. Usually, those born under this sign can seem cold and reserved. It is difficult for them to open up to someone and show their vulnerabilities.

Virgo is an analytical, pragmatic sign with logical and rational thinking, which can make it difficult to express feelings. Sometimes, their partner may feel neglected because of this characteristic.

Virgo is often characterized as being very attentive to details, which can make her a little too critical in her relationships. It is also said that she tends to suppress her emotions and to be very closed about the expression of her feelings. This tendency can be accentuated by the fear of being vulnerable in front of other people or by the fear of not being judged.

In addition, Virgo can be very demanding of herself and the people around her, so it can be difficult for her to open up and express her feelings. She may feel that she has to keep her emotions under control and find practical solutions for the problems in her relationship, instead of expressing her feelings.

The Virgo man has a hidden side, which he reveals when he is in love. What makes it special


If you ever see a person making ironic jokes about their feelings and covering them with sarcasm, chances are they are a Gemini. Gemini can’t stand it when someone makes fun of them or plays with their emotions. They are afraid of rejection, so they put on a mask and don’t show their true feelings. This makes them emotionally distant.

Those born under this sign are communicative, sociable, and with an agile mind, however, they may have difficulties in expressing their feelings in romantic relationships.

Gemini is often characterized as being intelligent, curious, and eager for knowledge. This personality can make them focus more on intellectual communication than emotional communication.

It is also said that Gemini can be fickle and that they get bored easily, that’s why they can lose interest in a relationship quite quickly. Sometimes he suppresses his feelings to avoid conflicts and keep the relationship in a superficial stage.

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A serious sign, practical, and with logical and rational thinking, Capricorn also has great problems expressing his feelings and emotions.

Capricorns are often characterized as hardworking, ambitious, and goal-oriented, and these traits make them focus more on achievements than on romantic relationships. Also, Capricorns can be reluctant to express their feelings, due to the fear of being vulnerable and not being in control.

Capricorns feel good alone, and few people can say that. Thus, they seem emotionally unavailable to their partners. They enjoy the time spent alone and do not need anyone to complete them, making their partner feel distant.

Although Capricorns can be loyal and devoted, they can have difficulties in opening their hearts in a love relationship. They may feel that they have to keep their feelings under control and find practical solutions to problems in their relationship, instead of expressing their emotions.

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