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3 Astrological Signs That Never See You Marry 2022

While some astrological signs of the zodiac rush to get married, there are others who run as fast as they can in the opposite direction.

Some people know from an early age that they want to get married and start a family, while others find it hard to imagine this scenario.

This does not mean, however, that these people will never marry or that they will not appreciate the concept of marriage at some point, but simply that they spend most of their lives avoiding this long-term commitment. term.

Read on and find out why this is so and what impact their zodiac sign has on the whole situation:

1. Lion

While Leos don’t shy away from relationships and are even quite good at romantic relationships, they don’t see themselves ready to slip a rope around their necks.

Having someone to share their life with seems perfectly fine to them. They just don’t need a piece of paper to prove their love and commitment to them.

One more reason why Lions are put off by the idea of ​​marriage is the fact that they don’t want to spoil their peace and comfort.

In their minds, marriage represents sacrifices and compromises that they are not prepared to make.

They want to continue to have fun for as long as they can and enjoy life to the fullest.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarians don’t like to take anything too seriously, and marriage is a pretty serious business.

They like to live their life lightly, and to be able to spend enough time with their friends and also, enough time alone.

Moreover, the mere notion of marriage makes them feel like a trap, which is why they avoid the subject altogether.

They value their freedom a little too much, and that’s why any engagement in the genre stifles them.

With the right person, one day they might change their minds… but by then they can’t even imagine being married.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians will be your best friends, lovers, and whatever else you need, but they won’t become your spouse. This level of commitment scares them and they don’t even know why.

Aquarians who have been single for long periods of time have become accustomed to their own ways and have come to appreciate their loneliness.

So why would they want to mess up something that has been working perfectly well so far?

Weddings seem messy and complicated to them and they don’t want that in life.

Unless someone proves them that love doesn’t have to be that complicated, they’ll keep their single title forever.

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