Find out what kind of relationship can make you really happy based on your zodiac sign. The answer of the stars is signed by sign.

We all have an idea of ​​love. An idea that is often intertwined with dreams and expectations that together shape the personal image of a perfect relationship. It is often difficult to describe but that belongs to all of us. The truth, however, is that expectations don’t always match what can make us truly happy. And that means you can run the risk of chasing something that once you find it could turn out to be a disappointment.

Of course, different factors contribute to giving life to our dreams. Among these, however, there is also the influence that the stars exert on each of us. The reason why, today we are going to discover, beyond our imagination, what is the type of relationship we should aim for to feel truly happy. The kind of relationship that once found and recognized should be looked after as a treasure. And all because it truly represents the crowning of one’s personal dream of love.

What is the type of relationship to pursue to achieve happiness

Aries – The ever-changing relationship
If there is one thing you need to make the most of a love story, this is the chance to constantly feel encouraged to give the best of yourself. Your fairytale love must not only be romantic but also capable of providing you with something special. To be happy in love you will therefore have to aim for a partner who is confident but at the same time accommodating. Someone who makes you feel stimulated, free, and at the same time in an ever-growing relationship. Only in this way can you go on without feeling oppressed and without always having the feeling of wanting to escape from something. A relationship like the one described above would in fact help you to feel free as never before and, consequently, would stimulate you to give the best of yourself, leading you to feel positive emotions too.

Taurus – The safe but stimulating relationship
For you who have always yearned for comfort and safety, the right love story is one in which you can feel safe from everything and everyone and stimulated to always push yourself a little further (but not too much) from your area. comfort. It is a difficult relationship to find but once experienced you will recognize the positive feelings it will offer you in every moment. Knowing that you can always count on someone and at the same time be pushed to test yourself is a game of contrasts that makes you feel constantly stimulated and that helps you to perceive yourself as alive and happy at the same time. Of course, it’s not about something that is found or built in a day. But with the right amount of patience and goodwill and, of course, with the right person by your side, you can come to feel sentimentally fulfilled and happy.

Gemini – The relationship in which you can be yourself
Your dual being often pushes you to make yourself known first for certain aspects and only later for others. This is also joined by your unpredictable being. A way of being that if not understood by those around you can create some problems for you. To be able to consider yourself happy in love you, therefore, need someone who, in addition to making you feel loved, knows how to understand you deeply. Because it will only be by remaining yourself that you will be able to give your best and feel accepted, loved, and above all alive. A mix of elements that can make a difference and that will help you feel complete and happy. Which is why it’s always worth getting there. Although the road may seem longer than you want.

Cancer – The relationship in which you feel more than loved
To feel loved as you would like is a desire that you have always carried around and that you tend to pour into all kinds of interpersonal relationships. Obviously, in love, the problem tends to be felt more. And that causes you a lot of problems. To be happy you undoubtedly need a partner who can make you feel loved more than anything else. Someone who knows how to put you in the center of attention, who stands by you, and who makes you feel so good that you forget your constant need for love. Feeling that you will experience only when you have found the right person, establishing together a relationship that is love and mutual trust.

Leo – The relationship in which you feel supported
To be happy you need to know that those around you believe in you, have faith in what you do, and are always ready to support you. This is not an easy balance to find because most of the time the risk is to overwhelm the partner by coming to a fight. Once you meet the right person, however, things will settle for the best. You will feel full of energy, always ready to have new experiences and all with the certainty of having someone next to you who is ready to listen to you and help you. Exactly what you need to live a love that is tailored to you and your ambitions. A love that makes you feel safe and that spurs you to dream bigger and bigger. Which, for your way of being, is extremely important.

Virgo – The relationship in which you feel appreciated
Even if you don’t like to show it, you are a person who has several insecurities. And as if that weren’t enough, you can’t live positively. When it comes to relationships, you, therefore, need someone who can understand you and somehow alleviate that sense of inadequacy that you have always been fighting against. A partner who can make you feel appreciated is definitely a great choice. In this way you will be able to fill at least some of your insecurities, strengthening yourself over everything else. It is a relationship that will be cultivated slowly and that only in this way will it help you feel satisfied and complete. Exactly what you need to always live your life at the top.

Libra – The harmonic relationship
If there is one thing you need to live well, it is harmony. A need that is also revealed in love and therefore makes you very demanding. In fact, to live your love story well you need someone who knows how to make you feel loved and appreciated and who is at the same time able to bring harmony into the couple relationship. Only in this way will you be able to feel complete and serene to the point of living your life to the full. And all without distractions from work or from all those things you like to engage in and that with the right sentimental confidence you will know how to enjoy more.

Scorpio – The communicative and lively relationship
In love, you need first of all to feel secure. And for that to happen, you need to have the right person by your side. Someone who can inspire confidence and prove to you with facts that you deserve it. The right partner for you is always sincere. And that he is always able and willing to communicate with you at all times. In this way, you can in fact feel calm. Which prevents you from wasting your energy and consequently makes you feel good. Also, a relationship like this (as long as it doesn’t degrade into boredom) allows you to enjoy the quiet moments your soul needs. Moments you can fully experience. Especially if the relationship stays lively enough to make you feel alive and active more than ever.

Sagittarius – The Happy Reaction
Living a perfect relationship for you means first of all feeling happy. Your partner must therefore be cheerful, full of inventiveness, and always ready to spur you on to new adventures. At the same time, he must be willing to leave you your little freedoms, showing himself independent but at the same time tied to you. To live the right relationship you need first of all to find your own balance that over time you will also have to reflect on the relationship as a couple. And to succeed, you must be able to fully live your love story, aware that you have the right person by your side. The one able to make you laugh, to lighten the load of your days and thus contribute to your basic happiness.

Capricorn – The relationship that makes you feel free
For you who are always linked to work and to the many things to do, a functional reaction can make you feel respected first of all. This depends on your always wanting to have both control of the situation and an eye on everything that happens around you. To succeed, you need a partner who makes you feel respected and appreciated for what you do. A partner who doesn’t get angry if you let yourself be distracted from time to time by commitments or deadlines at work. Freedom of action is what you need most to feel happy and peaceful. Once found, if combined with love, it will be what will push you to live your life well. And what will make you feel as happy and finally satisfied as you would like?

Aquarius – The relationship that makes you feel light
To be happy in a romantic relationship, you need to feel light. This means being able to count on a partner who knows your needs and respects them without any problems. A partner who never makes you feel oppressed, who knows how to live the best moments with you and who leaves you your space when you need to release everyday stress. Finding such a person is not easy. With a little commitment, however, you will be able to achieve more and more what is perfect for you and live a relationship that is at the same time light, cheerful and fulfilling. Just what you need to feel happy.

Pisces – The relationship that makes you feel at home while traveling
For you who travel a lot with your imagination, the right relationship must make you feel at peace with the world. This involves always feeling at home simply by being with the person you love. This is a type of relationship that can make you feel in your comfort zone but without getting too lazy. In fact, to be fully happy you need to always try new stimuli and to feel stimulated to always reach new dreams. Goals that only the right partner will understand and support to the point of becoming your accomplice. A reality that, however difficult, can be achieved. In fact, it is enough to simply work on it. And do it without ever putting aside the dreams that make you extraordinarily alive. Those who can accomplish what you desire deep in your heart.

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