Find out whether or not yours is one of the most jealous signs in the Zodiac. Enjoy and also check out your better half.

The word astrology has Greek origins. It comes from “ astron ”, a term that means stars or stars. When joined to another Greek term, “logos” (study), the word astrology appears, whose meaning is anything like a complete interpretation of the study of the stars or, simply, the study of the stars.

Astrology allows us to better understand the celestial bodies, recognize the position of the planets in the solar system and understand that they generate their influence on any person, whether in personality, their impulses and even their motivations…

In this article, we will focus our attention on one characteristic, jealousy. We will present the variations and signs that most demonstrate this defect.

Zodiac: the signs considered the most jealous


An Aries/Aries person tends to be impulsive and daring, as they usually like to express their feelings spontaneously.

Do it genuinely, without measuring the consequences. So it doesn’t take much to make an Aries/Aries person jealous.


A Taurus person values ​​security and trust in their relationship, and to please the other half they do everything.

However, jealousy can appear in force when any kind of distrust arises in the relationship.


A Gemini/Gemini person values ​​freedom, and it is important for them to live surrounded by their friends.

Thus, a person of this sign tends to be quite tolerant towards his partner, not giving in too much to jealousy.


A Cancer/Cancer sign tends to be sensitive and insecure. Therefore, he is usually quite jealous, as he tends to want his partner’s full attention.

It is due to his great insecurity that he tends to feel jealous of his better half.


A Leo person tends to reveal a strong personality, being a very proud sign that doesn’t usually show his jealousy to others. But Leo is one of the most jealous signs of the Zodiac.


A person of this sign tends to ask questions that no other half likes to hear, like ‘What time are you arriving?’ or ‘Who will be at this event?’.

A Virgo person tends to ask a lot of questions about the person they live with or with whom they have a serious relationship. This is the type of sign that is attentive to all the details of their partner’s routine.


A Libra/Libra sign tends to be balanced, and is usually a person who knows how to handle emotions well.

So, before creating an unnecessary jealousy scene, he likes to analyze the situation well.


A Scorpio person tends to be domineering, being one of the most jealous zodiac signs.

A Scorpio person is constantly attentive to the attitudes of his partner. He does not hesitate to set up a scandalous scene of jealousy if he sees the person he loves talking to another individual.


A Sagittarius person tends to value their freedom. She is transfigured if she realizes that she is being deceived, as she only makes a scene of jealousy if there really are reasons.

A Sagittarius person ends the relationship immediately if they see that there are reasons to do so. Don’t think twice.


A Capricorn person tends to be controlling. She likes to observe each step of the loved one, to know as much information as possible.

However, he does not usually show the jealousy he feels to the loved one


An Aquarius person tends to be jealous, being one of the least jealous signs of the Zodiac.

The air element is found in the sign of Aquarius, being something that reinforces its more liberal side. Therefore, it does not tend to show jealousy.


A Pisces person tends to be emotional and quite sensitive, and their sensitivity leads them to always be insecure about their relationship with their better half.

It won’t be surprising that you feel the need to call your loved one in the middle of the night, just to see how they are doing. In fact, it will only be to see if you are at home…

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