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The stars reveal to you which country you should live in based on the characteristics of your zodiac sign. If you’ve ever thought about moving, here’s where to go.

Each zodiac sign has distinctive traits and based on these it could finalize its most important life choices, such as that of the city in which to live.

For some people, an ideal city is an enchanted place surrounded by nature with few inhabitants while for others the best place is the most chaotic that exists. Find out where your zodiac sign should lead you.

Here is which country you should live in according to your zodiac sign


Aries is a hyperactive sign and always in action. For him, we need a city that can support him. A large, busy town is for him like Florence, Naples, and Verona in Italy. or Marseille is the ideal European location.

In addition to Italy, Aries could adapt beautifully to living in cities such as England, Germany, and Poland.

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Taurus is a sign that loves to combine comfort with family life. Its ideal location is a country with many green spaces such as Dublin in Ireland, Lucerne in Switzerland, Leipzig in Germany, and St. Louis in the state of Missouri in the United States.

The countries designated for a possible transfer are Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, and Cyprus.

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Gemini is a sun sign who loves company and loves conviviality. His ideal city is a large, chaotic city in which different cultures coexist. London in England, Versailles in France, San Francisco in the United States, and Melbourne in Australia might be viable options.

The ideal countries of Gemini are the United States, Belgium, and Wales.

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Cancer is an emotional and nostalgic sign, its ideal city is rich in history. There are many cities suitable for this sign spanning the world, for example, Venice in Italy, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, New York in the United States, and Algiers, the capital of Algeria.

The ideal countries designated for Cancer are Scotland, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

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Leo is a sign that loves to be the center of attention, it needs a city capable of grasping all its facets and its splendor. Rome in Italy, Prague in the Czech Republic, Hollywood in the United States or Damascus, the capital of Syria would be perfect cities for his inspiration.

The ideal countries designated for Leo are Italy, France, and Romania.

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Virgo is a perfectionist sign with a strong attraction to intellectual cities such as Boston in Massachusetts in the United States, Paris, and Strasbourg in France, and Heidelberg in Germany.

The ideal countries where Virgo should live to feel good are Turkey, Greece, Crete, and the West Indies.

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Libras are people who love elegance and conviviality, good food and good company in front of an idyllic landscape are the combinations for a perfect evening. The cities he would live best in are cities full of history, monuments, and museums such as Vienna in Austria, Copenhagen in Denmark, Lisbon in Portugal, and Charleston in South Carolina.

The ideal countries to live in designated for this sign are China, Tibet, Argentina, and Japan.

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The sign of Scorpio is mysterious, introspective, its ideal cities are surreal, technological, suggestive places where it seems that everything is possible, for example in the United States, Washington, New Castle in Delaware, and New Orleans in the state of Louisiana. Scorpio would fit beautifully in the city of Liverpool in England.

The ideal countries designed for Scorpio are Norway, Algeria, Morocco, and Tahiti.

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For the sign of Sagittarius, the ideal city is the world. This sign loves to travel, feel free, explore and have new experiences. This will be particularly enchanted by cities such as Budapest in Hungary, Cologne in Germany, Acapulco in Mexico, and Toledo in Spain.

His favorite countries could be Hungary, Spain, and Australia.

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Capricorn is a very hard worker. Professionally, he has no rivals who are as serious and reliable as he is. The Work comes first for this sign that he would be comfortable in a city that lives up to his ambitions, such as Oxford in England, Boston or Chicago in the United States, Brussels in Belgium, or even Montreal here.

His ideal countries could be India, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Bulgaria.

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The sign of Aquarius is very extravagant and independent. He is a cutting-edge sign, he is always ahead of everything, he would live well in very technological cities such as Stockholm in Sweden, Moscow in Russia, Salzburg in Austria, and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The ideal countries of Aquarius are Russia, Sweden, and Ethiopia.

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The sign of Pisces is intuitive, dreamy, sensitive. His ideal city is a city that lives up to dreams such as Casablanca in Morocco, Alexandria in Egypt, Seville in Spain, and Dublin in Ireland.

Even Portugal and the region of the Sahara Desert are countries where you would find very well.

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