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Hey, aren’t you one of the stone-hearted zodiac signs? Let’s find out now with today’s horoscope ranking!

It is useless to pretend that some people, with hearts of stone and dry eyes, do not exist. They exist and they are everywhere: indeed, they are almost always where you least expect it! You know very well who we are talking about: people who do not have a heart or seem not to have it!

There’s more of a chance that while you were reading the lines here above, you jumped immediately to mind the name of that particular person that you try not to think about rarely.
We asked the stars and planets to prepare a pretty unique horoscope ranking for us today so that we can keep the people in the top positions at bay!

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The zodiac signs with a heart of stone: find out who is in today’s horoscope ranking

Is there an ex-boyfriend whose very thought (after everything he’s put you through) makes you cringe?
Well, or rather, bad! It was part of today’s horoscope ranking, that of the zodiac signs with a heart of stone!

Fortunately for you, we have decided to put this ranking in black and white so you can always have it ready to consult.
Now, when you meet someone new, you can ask them first what their sign is; if it’s one of those on the list, you know what to do!
(And if you don’t know, we’ll tell you: run away! ) .

Aquarius: fifth place

A surprise to find those born under the sign of Aquarius in today’s ranking, right? Well, know that seeing an Aquarius with a heart of stone is not the norm even if it is not a rarity either. It all depends on what happened to him and what you did to him!

Aquarius are people who often do their utmost for others and do it for a long time. They are always willing to forgive and be loving but once the measure is filled and their hearts harden, we can assure you there is no going back.

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Virgo: fourth place

That Virgo makes an appearance in the ranking of the zodiac signs with a heart of stone, however, is not a surprise.
Accustomed as they are to thinking only of themselves, those born under the sign of Virgo feel in trouble when they have feelings for others!

This is why, often and willingly, those born under the sign of Virgo are not afraid to show a particularly hard heart.
They are used to being on their own and do not want anyone to have the power to make them suffer!

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Taurus: third place

Why Taurus should care about others is something that just escapes their understanding.
But now, with all the problems that Taurus already has with them, should they also think about what kind of feelings others have?

Taurus likes to be in control of their emotions and they certainly can’t let anyone destabilize them.
It just doesn’t work that way for them! A Taurus will always be ” cold ” and insensitive with others and their needs: they put themselves first (but also second, third and fourth) and do it to protect themselves. Their heart is practically made of marble!

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Capricorn: second place

Capricorn is a particularly hard-hearted sign and anyone who knows one well knows that, unfortunately, that’s the way it is!
Instead of worrying about feelings and sensations, those born under the sign of Capricorn prefer to “act”.

Did they just break up with their partner? They call a person they have always liked and go for an aperitif. Do they have bad thoughts or latent sadness? Time to start a new sport or a new hobby. Do they feel that you are depressed or that you may need help but you have not specifically communicated it to them? They leave for a vacation, maybe when they come back you will have solved your problems.

The Capricorn is like that: they think about their well-being that, more often, requires Capricorn to have a true heart of stone, hidden inside a sealed bunker.
Be careful with them!

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Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs with a heart of stone

Yes, dear friends of Sagittarius, it is you who are considered the sign with the stoniest heart in the whole zodiac.
Does it seem strange to you? Yet you are extremely independent people, used to doing what they want and when they want it!

Sagittarians can amaze us with this character trait that they often and willingly hide as long as they can.
As friendly and well-disposed as they always seem Sagittarians are people who can show a really hard side of their personality.

Not only do Sagittarians don’t need anyone, but they also don’t want anyone to need them either!
You can cry and despair for hours: Sagittarians will always shrug and return to their everyday life in no time at all!

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