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Why Do You Leave A Footprint As A Friend According To Your Sign

There are those who have the gift of drawing a smile when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. They are the ones who show that no matter the distance, they will be through thick and thin. They will not let go of you when your soul is torn with pain, they are those friendships that become brothers. Do you want to know why you leave your mark as a friend according to your zodiac sign? They may not tell you, but you are like anesthesia to the heart.

1.- Aries

You are the sign that honors small gestures, who does not need to cloak to show that you will be there when they do not find a way out. You are the kind of friend who dares, who plays for the people he loves. You are brave, you do not allow anyone to destroy the reputation of your friends. That is the reason why you are unique, why you remind those you love that every second is worth it.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is the one who can get lost between activities, day to day, routine, work. His schedule never stops, because he likes to be active, but he always has time for the people he loves. Taurus is the one who gives everything for his friends, no matter the time, he is always when they need him most. That is the reason why on every holiday they miss him, he is the sign that becomes family and forms unbreakable bonds.

3.- Gemini

Do you want someone to listen to you like there is no tomorrow? Gemini is the hand that will accompany you even if your steps are slow. It is the friendship that on other occasions has seen your heart break, but is always ready to wipe your tears. He is the one who drives you, admires you and tells others about the way you shine. Gemini always has a cup of coffee ready for you to tell him about all that weighs you down.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the shelter for the soul, it is the friendship to which you can repeat the same story a thousand times and will continue to pay the same attention to you. Cancer is home, it is the one who embraces you and gives you back your spirit. He is the one who wants to sweeten your life , who invites you to eat a delicious dessert while you release the reason why insomnia takes over your nights. It is the friendship that will lift you up when you feel that the world is coming upon you.

5.- Leo

Leo knows that life is like that, as accelerated as his steps. Recognize that sometimes work, the partner, worries can be an impediment to frequent friends as before. However, he firmly believes that when the bond is genuine there is nothing that can break it, it is transformed. The years teach you that not everyone can be called friends and they are the exception. They are the ones who fill your heart with honey and adrenaline , their friendship does not compare.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is the friend who reminds you that you are brave, smart, and resilient. He is the one who is not afraid to heal the wounds that others leave you. He is the loyal friend, the one who shows you that no matter how much time passes, in the end he will be there so you do not let your guard down. When things go wrong, he invites you to go for a walk, appreciate the little things: the flowers, play with the pet, watch his favorite movie. Virgo is the one who melts for people who are worth it.

7.- Libra

Without a doubt, Libra is that star in your life, the one that is not always seen, but you know that the moment a tear falls down your face, it will enter the ring. It is the friendship that hurts when they hurt you, the one that cries with you if necessary. The one that gets angry, the one that screams, is the intense friendship that will not let go of you, that immerses itself in your thoughts and leaves a mark on you because it is unique when listening to you, it does not judge you, it saves you.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign that has the courage to go where no one has gone. It is the sign that is not afraid to know your darker side. He dares to take you by the hand when anxiety is present, when you feel a lump in your throat. When your anger takes over everything you do. That is when Scorpio does not let go of you and is able to illuminate the grayer of your days. Scorpio makes sure you don’t have an empty heart.

9.- Sagittarius

A humble, selfless and understanding heart. A heart that is capable of suturing the most wounded soul is the person who has the gift of painting your sadness. Sagittarius understands that there are times when you just want to cry, yell, and get angry. Okay, he will be with you in full catharsis and then he will wipe your tears and hold you until your pieces come back together. He is the one who sends the most beautiful texts when he worries.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is the one who knows that friendship is not always about receiving, it is giving, it is becoming the emotional and mental support of the other. Capricorn can get lost with you if all you want is to cry, but also who makes you want to. He is the type of friend who dances, sings, laughs and eats ice cream like there is no tomorrow, by your side . He is the one who does everything in his power because he cannot bear to see you torn to pieces.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the one who reminds you that you should not feel guilty about your mistakes, he wants you to focus your attention on the lessons. It’s the kind of friendship that doesn’t minimize your emotions, but helps you smile in the midst of pain. Aquarius can be distant but when he loves a friend, he does not hesitate to say so. He cares that you eat well and that you are happy. But when he knows that sadness takes over you, he runs and embraces your heart.

12.- Pisces

There are souls so pure, sensitive and empathetic, who simply have the power to embrace your deepest wounds. Pisces wins your confidence and gives you so much security that it makes the hours less slow. He is the one who answers messages and calls no matter if it is in the middle of the night. He wants you to vent, to feel loved, supported and, above all, to know that whatever happens, you will not be alone. Pisces is the antidote you need to keep moving forward in such a complicated life. It doesn’t eliminate your problems, but it has the ability to deal with them.

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