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There are some people who, although they have been excellent boyfriends, are not really recommended… as an ex. How to recognize them? Our ranking of the worst zodiac signs to have as ex-boyfriends will help us: is yours in the ranking? (Hopefully not).

The former are generally people with whom … well, almost by definition, we decided to stop to pass the time together.
It is certainly not malice: evidently, something, between you and them, has changed, hasn’t it?

It matters little (more or less) as there are left. Whether with quarrels and Carlucci or is in a common and peaceful, with a beautiful close to hand: the substance remains the same.
What we want to find out today, however, is the ranking of the worst people to have as ex-boyfriends: isn’t your sign in the ranking too?

The worst zodiac signs as ex boyfriends: is your sign even in today’s horoscope chart?

How many exes do you have? No, don’t worry, we are absolutely not talking about quantity but actually about quality.
Did you know, in fact, that there are zodiac signs that it is absolutely not recommended to have ex-boyfriends? We do not want to comment on the quality of your relationship but on that … after!

There are people, in fact, who are excellent boyfriends but really bad exes. Maybe they have no idea how to let you go, or they are simply too focused on themselves to realize that you have feelings too.
In short, you get it: someone who was just better to lose than to find (again)!

Today we decided to draw up this ranking to understand if, in your life, there is a truly unbearable and terrible ex.
If there should not be, fortunately for you, there is also another risk: that there is your sign among the worst ones to have as an ex and that you are someone else’s ” nightmare “!

Let’s immediately discover the top five positions of today’s horoscope ranking: here are the worst signs to have as an ex-boyfriend!

Cancer: fifth place

Breaking up with a Cancer, they can assure you too, is not really a walk in the park, on the contrary!
Cancer is one of those signs really worse to have as a former precisely because of the way they do.

Adorable and affectionate as partners, those born under the sign of Cancer become really cold and extremely bad when it comes to sex.
They hardly want to have anything to do with you anymore and will stop talking to you (and even making you feel loved ) at any moment. They are former fearsome: we absolutely do not recommend them!

Capricorn: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn, we already know, are people who struggle a lot to express their feelings.
Focused on work and their personal goals, Capricorns often have no desire to explore their feelings.

For this reason, therefore, as soon as they leave they become (if possible) even colder and fickle. For them, there is nothing to do but accept the situation as it is: they do not despair and do not melt, they do not cry and they do not make a scene.
Simply… Capricorns ignore you. They are terrible ex: very hard and very cold, they don’t even want to remain your friends!

Virgo: third place

In third place in our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Virgo. Leave a Virgo, in fact, is truly terrible!
This sign, so precise and hard, has practically made feelings a weapon that he uses against others without any fear.

First, let a Virgo mean that this will make a list of all your flaws and the reasons for which you will never be happy.
It’s certainly not the best thing to hear right after a relationship, isn’t it? The Virgo, then, is one of those signs that never does, absolutely, marching back even by accident. Used to always being right, once she leaves, she becomes your fiercest opponent. Pay attention to the Virgo: he is a fearsome ex!

Libra: second place

Laughter, laughter, and more laughter: born together with the Libra, in fact, laughter seems to be the best way to deal with your life!
Too bad, though, as soon as you leave these signs become very difficult to endure: they just try to show “what you missed” putting on a skit bad!

Whether to show off new immediate partners or simply to show that nothing has changed in their lives, those born under the sign of Libra are very bad ex.
Their main goal is to make you pay for being left: it doesn’t matter that they have decided to end it! The balance will always try to make you understand that they are the best people with whom you come out: it is the gossip of your new achievements or always showing up at their best when they see you!

Having an ex from Libra means having to endure their plan of revenge and revenge for months. Be careful when you leave them: they become extremely vindictive even if always with a (fake) smile on their faces!

Gemini: First place in the ranking of the worst zodiac signs as ex-boyfriends

What do those born under the sign of Gemini want? Ah, do not ask us, but (mostly) do not ask for them. They do not really have the faintest idea!
The twins, in fact, are generally people who live hand to mouth, they leave to chance the honor (and the cost ) of directing their lives.

Let alone, then, when it comes to being together or breaking up: for Gemini, apparently, there is absolutely no difference since as ex they behave almost like when they were your boyfriends … if not worse!
Because I’m never sure of what they want or what they want to do, those born under the sign of Gemini end to be the former really unbearable.

They call you at any time of day or night to solve problems, they are suddenly jealous of you and do nothing but half-hearted declarations.
In short: you don’t really know what they want and, above all, if it is true that they wanted to leave you as soon as the separation is concrete, they will eat their hands.
The Twins are ex-intrusive, they have no respect for the feelings of others: be careful!

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