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Serious discussions? Not even for a dream: the lightest zodiac signs of the horoscope have no time for concreteness and seriousness. They must have fun!

Let’s face it. There are people to whom you cannot entrust, let’s not say an important confidence but not even a deep passing thought.
The reason? They are too “light” to pay attention to anything that is not on the surface and that cannot be touched by hand!
Today we decided to ask the stars and planets if they put a hand in them: what do you say, would you like to discover this horoscope ranking?

The lightest zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: find out if you are also in today’s ranking

How many times have you ever felt really light?

Do you know that feeling, when you are free from all responsibilities and problems and can be, for a few minutes, just yourself?
As a child, you have nothing to think about. What a relief!
Well, think that there are people who always feel this way. Like who they are: they are the lightest zodiac signs in the whole horoscope!

Let’s find out immediately if you are also in the horoscope ranking: hey, isn’t it that sometimes you are a little superficial?

Gemini: fifth place

Let’s put those born under the sign of Gemini in fifth place on our ranking today because Gemini people can be incredibly light.

Of course, it’s strange: considering how much ” heaviness ” Gemini put into the rest of their life.
The reality is that, often, Gemini are absolutely light people in life: they take everything as it comes and also with a certain spontaneity .

Taurus: fourth place

How? Would those born under the sign of Taurus be light people? But is that ever possible?
It always seems that they take everything very seriously, never letting go of a little lightness … right?

The reality, dear Taurus , is another. You are profoundly light people, who try to compensate for their lightness with an extreme “heaviness”, in the manner and in the reasoning.
In short: give in every now and then to your desire to be free and happy… without problems!

Pisces: third place

For those born under the sign of Pisces it is easy to be light people.
Everyone tells them that they don’t know where Pisces have their heads and, often, they are accused of walking on the proverbial … three meters above the sky!

Pisces are people who love lightness. For them it is important to always have their heads in the air because they believe that worrying about the ugliness of life does nothing but attract others.
Try talking to Pisces about something serious: we challenge you!

Sagittarius: second place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are in our ranking today.
What do you want to do with them: that’s how they are!

Anyone who has had anything to do with a Sagittarius knows that when you want to talk to him about something serious, there is absolutely no way to bend him to your requests. Sagittarians
are absolutely convinced that they shouldn’t have anything to weigh on them or on their shoulders. A Sagittarius is generally a person surrounded by friends but also very lonely and independent. Nobody can burden Sagittarius with their own weights and, even if they want to, Sagittarius does not make it possible. They are extremely light people. Seeing is believing!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of the lightest zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

In the first place of the ranking of the lightest zodiac signs we have those born under the sign of Virgo .
Twist of the scene, right?

Virgo always seems to be an extremely serious and staid person, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone and who always has her own plan in mind.
The reality of the facts is quite different: Virgo is a sign that she always wants to have fun and that, especially when we are not talking about her work, she is able to take everything (really everything) lightly!
Feelings (of others), relationships, emotions: for Virgo nothing is too sacred and everything can be taken … with a shrug!
Hey, this is both good and bad: to those who have to do with the Virgin the sentence!

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