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Find out how the various signs of the zodiac react after giving vent to anger. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

Getting angry is more than a normal thing that can happen for various reasons and that sooner or later happens to everyone. However, each of us has different ways of living and dealing with anger. Some prefer to keep it for themselves, those who express it violently, those who have strong but fast outbursts, and those who prefer to focus on cold wars. Regardless of how we react at the moment, each of us must also deal with post anger. And this is true both if you get angry in the first person and when you have to deal with the anger of others.

Since the way of reacting after an excess of anger can depend on many factors including the influence of the stars, after having seen which are the zodiac signs ready to redeem themselves and what is the discomfort on which each sign of the zodiac should work by June, today we will find out how the zodiac signs react after having a moment of anger. An aspect that primarily involves emotions and for which it is, therefore, better to check the profile of the ascendant as well. In this way, you will have a clearer idea of ​​who you are in front of and what will be his way of doing after the anger.

How the signs of the zodiac react after getting angry

Aries – They return calm and serene as before
Those born under the sign of Aries, when getting angry they tend to explode quickly, immediately saying what they do not like and acting, if they deem it appropriate, with a certain speed. Seeing them angry is like being hit by them because, just like in an explosion, they expand by attacking those in front of them and hitting the cause of their anger in different ways. However, it is a sign that tends to fade away quickly. Thus, after even important anger it is easy to see them again serene and smiling. And all because they vented well, thus eliminating the unpleasant feeling that led them to get angry.

A way of doing things that always tends to destabilize those in front of them but that has its positive sides. Generally, they are not used to holding grudges, precisely because they no longer have any residue of the anger felt in them.

Taurus – They stay in a bad mood for a while
The natives of Taurus do not like to get angry because they know that when this happens, they find themselves bringing out a part of themselves that they do not love. For this reason, they always try to avoid situations capable of triggering discontent, and when they do not succeed they prefer to choose alternative ways as much as possible. When every attempt seems in vain and anger explodes, it means that the situation is serious. They are therefore likely to remain in a bad mood for a while. If the cause is someone who has struck them where it shouldn’t have been, the anger can last even for a few days. And it is not certain that they do not consider ending the relationship. When the cause is external and not attributable to someone in particular, however, they tend to get depressed but calm down quickly, seeking consolation in those close to them.

Gemini – They get through pretty quickly
Those born under the sign of Gemini don’t like to get angry. Sometimes, however, their dual way of pushing them beyond the limits, creating a feeling of discomfort that leads them to moments of anger. When this happens they are not well and to remedy this they try to change things as soon as possible, returning as they can in a better mood. If in anger they have accidentally hurt someone they are ready to apologize or be forgiven in some way. Otherwise, they prefer to get distracted, perhaps asking their friends for help and all because knowing each other, they know that by wandering the mind even the bad mood will tend to vanish. Their anger, therefore, is usually running out of time.

Cancer – Staying angry for a long time
The natives of Cancer are not at all good at managing emotions and when they get angry about something they do it with all their heart. This leads them to feel hurt and frustrated and to experience such strong emotions that they can no longer forget them. Once they have vent their anger, therefore, they tend to remain in a bad mood even for days, withdrawing into themselves and continuing to mull over what happened. If someone pissed them off, they’ll keep their noses up until they realize they’re better. Otherwise, they will try not to think, sleep, eat, go out and do whatever comes into their mind and that seems to give them at least some relief. For this reason, seeing them angry is never pleasant for anyone.

Leo – Those who boil down quickly but remain on their
I was born under the sign of Leo always trying to experience moments of anger with the utmost caution. They do it because they do not like to show this side of their way of being to which they prefer to place a more sunny and positive image. When they get angry, however, it is because something is not going as they would like and this arouses conflicting emotions in them that lead them to feel bad. Usually, it is enough for them to give voice to what they think to feel better and to go back to showing themselves as they usually do. Especially if the cause of anger is related to situations they can work on. If there are people involved, however, their reaction is quite different.

Even after having let off steam, they tend to stay cold and distant, creating a sort of limit between them and those who forced them to show what they preferred to remain hidden. A reason for resentment that combined with what happened leads them not to forgive so quickly.

Virgo – Those who pretend that nothing has happened
Virgo natives have serious difficulties dealing with others and fear all sorts of confrontations. Impulsive as few, however, when they get angry they seem to lose all inhibitions, saying everything that comes into their mind and exaggerating for the sole purpose of throwing everything out to feel better. The way they behave can be so unpleasant that it always leads them to the wrong side and makes it difficult to go back to their excess of anger. So, when everything passes, they prefer to pretend that nothing has happened, showing themselves smiling and looking for an expedient to reconnect with those who have suffered their anger or simply found themselves present. It is a way of doing that they struggle to manage, so much so that it takes very little to get angry again, to the point of seeming a bit borderline.

Libra – Those who put everything behind them
Those born under the sign of Libra have practically never excesses of anger and those very rare times in which this can happen, tend to be decisive so as not to have to experience such overwhelming emotions. Their post-anger reaction is therefore rather calm and all because they try to leave everything behind, opting to forget and resume their usual life as soon as possible. It is a way of doing that is not always understood by others but which for them is the most right to implement. What allows them to go on without worrying about getting sick and that helps them to better enjoy their days. Dwelling on things for a long time is not a way of being that belongs to him.

And doing so would end up making him feel like he’s making things worse. For this reason, once the anger has ceased, it is really difficult to see them return to the subject.

Scorpio – Those who plan revenge
The natives of Scorpio don’t like to get angry. When this happens they feel as if a fire is raging inside them. Which leads them to act in a way that is not always lucid. As much as they try to fight their way of being, getting angry is something they just don’t like. So much so that it often leads them to do and say things they would not like. So, when the anger has finally subsided, before leaving it behind, they usually plan revenge on whoever provoked it. And sometimes even towards those who created the situation that made them explode. Doing so and knowing that sooner or later there will be some kind of punishment for the culprit helps them feel good and regain their smile. Not for nothing are they the most vindictive sign of the zodiac. What, as a rule, it would be better not to ever get angry.

Sagittarius – Those who stay angry for a long time
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have some problems managing emotions. This becomes even more evident when anger is one of these. Impulsive as they are, when they find themselves experiencing this feeling they tend to take it very seriously, getting angry with themselves, with the situation, the possible culprit, and everything that in their opinion is even remotely connected. A way of doing that leads them to worsen the situation and that sees them remain angry for a long time and even if the situation is resolved.

For this reason, dealing with them when they get angry is not pleasant at all. Better to wait for them to boil on their own, because only in this way will they be able to think clearly and without attacking anyone who is in front of them.

Capricorn – Those who let themselves pass
Capricorn natives have a bad habit of changing the truth and often do it for themselves as well. Even after an excess of anger, they then end up telling each other that nothing has happened and that everything is fine. A small lie that at the moment seems to reassure them but that instead, in the long run, has the opposite effect. So, even if everything is normal, when it happens to return to topics that in the past have made them excited, they end up finding themselves angrier than before. A small lesson that they insist on not wanting to learn by continuing to always act in the same way and thus always finding themselves at the starting point. Needless to say, their way of doing things upsets even those around them and never manages to understand what they think. A feat that will probably never succeed.

Aquarius – Those who no longer think about it
Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not like to complicate their life and when they get angry they almost always end up letting it go. Like? By simply stopping to think about it. Strange as it may seem, he succeeds in doing it. Partly because if they are angry with someone they stop seeing and hearing him and partly because when it comes to situations, they completely change course, thus avoiding having to find themselves in front of us again. A way of acting that is difficult to understand but which seems to work for them. In this way they manage to live rather peacefully, to recover quickly from any anger, and not to wear themselves out constantly thinking about what is wrong. Sure, some may appear superficial or immature but they don’t care what others think,

Pisces – Those who process it until they are completely cured
The natives of Pisces are particularly emotional people and able to analyze in depth what they think. When they feel bad about something, such as anger, they have to stop and analyze what happened. Only in this way can they get out and smile again as before. Sometimes this process can be immediate, while others take longer. What matters is that when they come out it is forever. And this makes their life more peaceful and easier to live. It is a way of doing that they apply both in relationships and in everyday life and that usually is of great help.

After all, living happily is one of the things they aspire to most. And aware that they are the architects of their own life (as well as of happiness), they are always ready to act to make things go as they wish.

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