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Have you ever had to deal with one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac? Find out now with our ranking today!

Certainly, if you have known someone for being stubborn you do not need a horoscope to be able to recognize it.
There are people, in fact, capable of making us lose patience due to their tendency to do whatever they want, when they want, and … how they want it!

From friends to boyfriends, from a particularly stubborn relative to colleagues or schoolmates, the stubborn are everywhere, and let us know they are!
How about: instead of dealing with others, isn’t it better to simply ask them what their sign is and then leave them alone?

The most stubborn signs of the zodiac: find out who is in today’s ranking of zodiac signs

Let’s face it: if you don’t know many stubborn people there is only one possibility. The stubborn one could be you!
We hope not but to protect ourselves we have asked stars and planets to give us their opinion.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with knowing if you’re stubborn as a mule, right?

Let’s find out who is in the top positions of the ranking of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac and let’s get rid of our thoughts.
After all, if you are stubborn, we just need to see the reaction to your positioning to be able to do the litmus test! Ready to reveal yourself for who you are?

Aquarius: fifth place

As? Would the sweethearts born under the sign of Aquarius be stubborn people? Um, sorry to tell you but that’s right: Aquarians are very stubborn even if they will never admit it!

An Aquarius wants everything to be done as he says and does not want to hear reasons. If you do not do what you want, l ‘ Aquarium simply decide to do to head his, scavalcandovi if needed. This is a very stubborn sign: don’t be fooled!

Aries: fourth place

But now, would Aries also be stubborn? Well, the answer is yes: and a lot if you want to know!
Those born under this sign seem to need the approval of others so much that, often and willingly, they torment friends and relatives with their questions.

Once you have wasted hours or days giving Aries your opinion, which they have insisted on, imagine the surprise when Aries do… er, exactly what they want.
They are very stubborn and will hardly ever change their minds: don’t waste your breath with them!

Taurus: third place

Although they are people who when they make mistakes know how to recognize and admit their mistakes, there is no way to win first with the Taurus.
They are very stubborn and always think they are right to do what they want as they want: you absolutely cannot convince them otherwise!

The bull must bang your head against the wall before realizing that the wall is there and it will not move just because they want it.
Those born under this sign, therefore, complicate their lives beyond belief in an attempt to show everyone that their stubbornness has a reason to exist.
After numerous attempts, even the most stubborn Taurus end up capitulating but it will take a lot longer than you think!

Capricorn: second place

If there is a sign to which you can not say anything, especially when it comes to work or skills, it is Capricorns.
Their stubbornness, from this point of view, is practically proverbial: there is nothing or no one who can overcome them!

The Capricorn people are very confident and they leave, often, this security makes them extremely stubborn.
Either you behave as they want or … well, you do absolutely nothing!

Impossible to see them retract or admit that they have done something wrong: Capricorns are always stubborn and convinced that they are right.
Their stubbornness leads them to complicate their lives in truly tortuous ways: just look at their choices to realize that sometimes it would be enough to give in a little to live a thousand times better!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac

Finally, we arrive at the first place in the ranking of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac that could not be occupied if not by Leo.
Dear Leos, you know very well that you are very stubborn and do not listen to anything or anyone but this cannot be an excuse!

The Leos are people who are always and convinced that they know everything and never be wrong. They don’t even do it too arrogantly: they are simply convinced that they are the best and that they know everything and, above all, that they do everything well! As we all know, however, Leos are only one thing: very stubborn!

Be careful with Leos: if you annoy them they can raise your greeting or friendship even for a very long time. Their stubbornness the preventing of asking pardon or not being proud if you love a lion is better to keep it from the bill!

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