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Which Zodiac Signs Is Aquarius Most And Least Compatible With?

Aquarius is compatible with some signs and less compatible with others. Since we have received quite a few requests about it recently, we decided to talk about it in more detail. But let’s try to go into more detail.

The most compatible


They both have very similar moods and are always ready to communicate and exchange a series of emotions of no small importance. They understand each other quickly, if you know them, you know it.


The balance that is established between Libra and Aquarius is very strong and especially from a physical point of view they have a harmony that is always out of the ordinary. When Aquarius meets Libra they will only have eyes for this sign.


Some say that opposites attract but this is not always true, given that the case of the harmony between Aquarius and Aquarius completely disproves this reality. The spark that strikes between the two never really goes out.

The least compatible signs


Cancer is far too emotional and Aquarius needs great calm and tranquility within a relationship. It’s good that they process things at the right time, but they don’t always manage to find a strong harmony.


The stubbornness and strength that the Scorpio has is very particular and do not always coincide with the calmer side of the Aquarius. In the end, they tend to separate in no time at all, at the first difficulty.


Pisces is not in harmony with the aquarium and for one simple reason. They are both great romantics and because of this, they end up clashing in some way. The aquarium would then be too invasive in the life of the fish and vice versa.

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