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How The Signs Fight Against Their Dark Side

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That we all have a dark side is obvious. That we don’t like to recognize which B-side of ours is is also evident. But it exists. And denying reality is a step back from facing it and facing it. How can we fight to eliminate that part of ourselves that we like least? In many ways, but the first is by acknowledging that it is there. Just as we pride ourselves on our virtues since the defects are as much ours as the virtues. And it is not that we have to brag about them but recognizing them is the way to win them. Do not you know that of knowing your enemy to beat him better? Read on and learn how the signs fight against their dark side.

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Aries is the owner of your life. That is in its essence. You can say to Aries, relax, let yourself go. And Aries will glare at you because telling him that is like telling a fish to try to land and take a walk, which he sure likes. Aries dominates his life but the problem is that he also wants to dominate the lives of others. With his initiative and start he believes that he has the power to take everyone where he wants. And if he does not get it, he gets angry, a lot. Much much. Aries, your sense of justice is very great, so take it out now.

When you are so angry because they have not let you do this, or they have ignored you … Do you think it is fair to want to impose yourself like this? Do you think it is fair that you talk to that person like that just because he has dared to say NO? Wouldn’t it be better to stop, think, and respond five minutes later? You do yourself a favor by being more thoughtful and poking your mouth before exploding.

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When Taurus gets angry the universe trembles. Look how hard it is for him to do it, he is so lazy sometimes that not even getting mood off is worth it in some moments. But of course, everything is staying there, filed, adding useless. And let no one think that Taurus forgets things. In its nature it is not to explode at the first change. In Taurus everything has its time. And when the anger comes, my mother, better to be away. Taurus, it would be good for you to talk about the things that bother you IN THE MOMENT. Sometimes that quick little conversation helps solve something that will not go away. From a small grain to a sandstorm. And all for always acting “leaving it for later.”

That dominant and stubborn character leads you to think that it has to be what you say and when you say. That sometimes works, sometimes it only serves to magnify what is insignificant. And when the problem breaks out, it will be more difficult to fix it because there will be a lot of fabric to cut.

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Gemini is the wizard of words. Talking he sells you what he wants, he convinces you of what he wants. When he wants to conquer someone, he eats their ear in such a way that the other person falls at his feet. When it’s work, he has the gift of speaking … but what happens when something doesn’t go well? Gemini, you know that, right? That through your mouth you can vomit what is not written. You’re going to hurt and you know it. You do not hold back, nor do you want to. You want to make it clear what you think, what hurts you, everything … What if you took control? Well, you would know how to do it. You are smart enough to do it, and do it well. First, you could play with that irony that you know so well how to handle. You would be less aggressive and you wouldn’t do as much damage. And you would earn more than with the language of “I abuse on everything.”

Also, you know that you don’t like to be angry, it’s not in your nature. What you want is to make what you feel clear, because use the right words, at the right time. Take control because no one knows how to do it better than you. Talking. Nothing to explode or lose your reason for having lost your form with the atrocities that have come out of your mouth. It’s about fighting your dark side. No more than that.

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The Cancer way of being is liked by everyone. So kind always, with that big smile. But the day has many moments and Cancer has the thin skin for anger. Nothing important needs to happen. Cancer, you cook it, you eat it. You start to think about what that person did to you, and you get annoyed that seems like it just happened. Or they call you to tell you to meet later, and it seems that they have canceled your appointment. Deep down, Cancer, you know that what happens to you is that you accumulate resentment.

You have a prodigious memory, but sometimes you use it so as not to forget everyone who has touched you c ******. And when the spark jumps, the fire ignites. And you think of all the insults that have been done to you since the day you were born. What if you simplify it? Be angry but ONLY because of what they do to you at THAT MOMENT. Sure you could calm down sooner. It’s not so bad, Cancer. Think about it. And when you calm down, review everything you want in your life, but NOW, what happened is not so serious. What do you feel so much better for?

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Leo, where he goes, draws attention. He can’t help it, nor does he want to, for God’s sake. He was born for that, to enjoy everything, to enjoy everything, and… for everyone to enjoy him. Leo is special and he knows it. And whoever itches to scratch. Your problem, Leo, is what you get angry when you are not the center of attention. You don’t like it, and you make it very clear, even in a childish way.

Deep down, what happens to you is that when they don’t give you what you want, at the moment you want, a lot of insecurities enter you. And you pay it with whoever has offended you, or with whoever is close, it doesn’t matter. To be able to fight against this absurd defect you should have self-esteem. And to think that you are always loved. And if someone does not do what you want, it is not because of you. You still care a lot, but if there is a problem, there is a problem, and they will not forgive you for your pretty face. You have no more right than anyone to have everything forgiven. What do you see more clearly now?

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Virgo has an ability to analyze everything that happens to him that is mind-boggling. He dissects every moment of his life and that makes him feel like he’s in control. And it does, most of the time. The bad thing about Virgo is that when you don’t get what you want or you have a problem with someone, you walk away. It’s like you give up on the matter.

You look stronger going on the subject, or going on from that person, than speaking it to solve what is necessary. You opt for coolness over dialogue. But that way you will not advance, that way you will not have what you want, because you do not fight it Virgo. Learn how to fight your dark side. Use your mental strength to think of the solution, not to isolate yourself from the problem. In your head, as always, is the solution. And in your heart should be the desire not to lose someone just because things do not add up to you.

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Libra, you don’t know how to get angry, face it. You have so little practice that you are not credible when you blow up. Yes, you make it clear that you didn’t like something, but it doesn’t hurt to lose your papers. You don’t like confrontations and it shows that you always avoid them. Use your best weapon to show what has angered you. Surprise others with your diplomacy, that you really know how to use like no one else. You don’t have to get upset to show your anger. Libra, be sweet, as always and use the right words. Do not imitate anyone by raising your voice or slamming the door. It is not your style. Two words well said, your gaze and silence, are sure to be more effective than anything else.

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Everyone is afraid to mess with Scorpio. Many have not even experienced it, but have been told. Rumors work for Scorpio to impose with his presence without even having opened his mouth. But those who have that fear just because they let themselves be carried away by what is said, have no idea what the dark side of Scorpio really looks like. If they knew, they would run now. Because when Scorpio brings out the worst, there it is to damn with fear. Intelligence and mental strength at the service of a Machiavellian mind, angry and vindictive. What a cocktail.

But Scorpio, you know that sometimes you wish you weren’t like that. You could try to break the schemes of some by taking out a side of you that is not expected. Fight against your dark side. First, you could get past them and everything. Indifference hurts. Try to practice it. And then you can try to leave. Without saying anything. Beat them without knowing what you think, or what you suffer. Do not give them the option of seeing the worst of you, or that they feel relief when they lose sight of you because what a demon. Go through the front door and suffer for losing someone who is the host.

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For Sagittarius it is no problem to lose up (which he is quite good at). Because he knows how to ask for forgiveness later, and he asks for it from the heart, which is the best. He has the ability to choose the right words, he has the intelligence to choose the right moment and to compensate for the error with the necessary means. What is the problem, then? Well, those times that Sagittarius does not lose up without wanting to, but wanting.

When toads and snakes come out of his mouth because of something they have done to him. There words and intelligence are put at the service to do harm, as much as possible. Because it is not fair for Sagittarius to always have to justify how well things are going or be so optimistic about everything. It’s hard for him to be like that. Although many do not believe it.

However, in that way of defending yourself there is a dark side, Sagittarius. And you know well what it is. That you have leftovers. You have enough weapons to destroy someone with your arguments and you come too high. Being more humble or compassionate is not going to take your reason away. Try to lower decibels in your way of defending yourself. Just a little. You will get what you want but you will be less offensive. And you will feel better afterwards.

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Capricorn is tough, very tough, very tough. For all. For better and for worse. You can already put life to the harsh test, that Capricorn faces and surpasses them, sometimes to the limit. But he never runs away, never avoids showing his face, or makes excuses. The dark side of this toughness has to do with relationships.

Capricorn, you know that whatever they do to you, they pay for it. That you are hard to forgive, to forget, to act like nothing is wrong. You are a wall against which the forgiveness that someone asks of you or any regret crashes. At most, you will think about it. Fight this dark side, you know you can, as with everything. If you are angry with someone, instead of staying with the bad, think about the good in your relationship. Loosen up. If a partner has failed you, tell them but there is still a fix. Not always the solution is to send everything to hell. We can all make mistakes, even you. Loosen up a bit.

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Aquarius is the different in everything. In his family you can tell who he is, in the couple he is the most detached, with friends and at work I don’t even tell you … But Aquarius is different because he is not like everyone else. To be different and weird is to be unique, and Aquarius does not belong to any herd, that’s for sure.

When does this very special quality turn into something dark? When you take advantage of her, right Aquarius? You think that since everyone complains that you are going free, you are really going to go free. And you go from commitments, you leave plans that were already organized, you leave before the end of a meeting or in the middle of a family celebration. You feel above all to do what you want, which for that you have to endure as long as they talk about your peculiar ways of being. But inside you don’t feel so good, especially when in the end they give you up for lost, let them do what they think. And they pass.

If you don’t try to understand others, they won’t try to understand you either, Aquarius. To ask, you have to give, and when you give, you have every right to demand that they give you. Fight head-on and from the heart. Say what you don’t like and ask for what you want, it’s easier than you think.

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Pisces, you have something different from all other signs. Perhaps it is that being the last you have a bit of all the good and all the bad of the other signs. See if your personality is complex! On your good days, you are delighted to be so special; bad days are worse and you look weird and you feel lonely. Good thing there are more good days.

The problem, and here seeing the fat, is that others do not understand you. They love you, of course, but they never know what you’re up to. And that throws them off a bit. So the more they spend trying to understand you, the weirder you get, the more you distance yourself, the more you spend on them. And you become unbearable. Well come down from the Pisces cloud, because you can fight against this dark side of yours.

First, try not to provoke them with some behaviors that you know are misleading, if they come out alone, it is okay, but do not overdo it. And second, if someone ignores you, tell them, be brave, and ask them what’s wrong. Do not spend you that everything is enlarged and in the end you end up being alone.

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