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Which Zodiac Signs Are Prone To Cheating

It’s sad but true. Some signs are more prone to infidelity than others. Although the decision to cheat is strictly related to a person’s character, some zodiacal characteristics make us more or less faithful.

The signs most prone to themselves are those who have a libertine and adventurous spirit. Also, these signs do not know how to be satisfied with a little and they have no limits. It is in their DNA to try their luck. It does not mean that they will do it, but only that they have to fight this urge that sometimes appears in their minds.

It’s no secret that astrology can give us information about our life and personality, but it can also reveal a lot about the relationships we have. We’ll take a look at the four zodiac signs that are most prone to cheating and try to understand why. We consider their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as what makes them more likely to be unfaithful than other signs.


The twins are known for the fact that they have two daughters and that it is difficult for them to make decisions. They can be attracted to different people at the same time and it is difficult for them to be faithful to one person. They like to have options, so if two people give them what they need, why not keep both?

In addition, they like flirting and are always open to conversation. People born under this sign do not even realize that they are betraying their partner’s trust, because it comes naturally to them to spend time in the company of others.


It is at the top among the signs most prone to cheating. Sometimes, it is difficult to enter into a relationship with someone born under this sign, because you can see from a distance how much they like flirting. Although you would think that the flirting would stop once Libra is in a serious relationship, it is not like that. And even if it’s usually harmless, sometimes it goes too far.

Keep in mind the indecisive personality of this zodiac sign: one person is too little for the huge needs he has. It will be difficult for someone born under the Libra sign to maintain stability and even when he does, a thought springs up in his mind: “what if?”.


People born under this sign are known for their adventurous nature and love of freedom. This makes them more prone to getting lost in relationships because they are always looking for new experiences. They can get bored easily, so they need a lot of stimulation to stay interested in a monogamous relationship.

If a Sagittarius is faithful to you, it is clear that you have stolen his heart and you offer him all the freedom he needs and he no longer feels that it is necessary to look for it elsewhere.


This nonconformist sign is among the signs most prone to loneliness. He is a libertine and sees nothing wrong with cheating.

He might not cheat physically, but he might start sending flirtatious messages to someone he’s barely met. He also needs to validate his own qualities and, therefore, sometimes looks for confirmations outside the relationship.

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