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What’s Your Favorite Music Genre Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

What is the musical genre of each of us? Well, the zodiac signs can help us in this case too and for this reason, we decided to talk about it and explore a singular and fun theme like this. But let’s go in order and try to find out a little more. Here is the first on the list.


Loves everything that is exhilarating and explosive, and this also applies to his favorite musical genre. That’s why he loves rock, in all its forms, especially hard rock.


This is a very calm and peaceful sign, he loves a slow pace and living at home most of the time with the people he loves. His favorite genre? Country is a genre that leads him to dream of a truly unique and particular lifestyle.


Instrumental music is what best represents and identifies his personality. She would never want to switch genres, for anything in the world, and has a collection of math rock records and vinyls in a corner of his house. He knows how to be a great and strong collector.


He loves to mix many different genres, for this reason, we can say that he doesn’t have a favorite genre, but what is mixing is his world. He loves electronic music, and ranges from ambient to techno, to even more driven music. It is not uncommon to see him in some club where he goes wild to the rhythm of the music.


He always stands out for his strong personality and his way of dancing. House music is the one for him from every point of view. Even Latin American can be a genre that goes well with his soul.


His favorite ballads are romantic ones, and still today, he is very attached to 80s music, dance, and romantic at the same time. His favorite genre of him, in a way, is kind of out of tune with his perfectionist personality. But that’s how it is, he sees music as a moment of great escape.


Indie music is her favorite genre. It is still linked to those adolescent themes that marked his journey from high school. It is a sign that still today goes for indie concerts, in memory of a past, and with a vision, perhaps, a little too nostalgic, let’s say so.


This sign is among the most creative of the entire zodiac, and loves songwriting music, because more than the rhythmic accompaniment, what matters most to him is the lyrics.


Rhythmic and Cuban music, is Capricorn’s favorite genre, a sign that manages to live every kind of genre dreamily and romantically. He loves to party, always and in any case, as well as isolating himself in his mood and his world, with the music he loves.


Aquarius also prefers rock, or metal, so to speak. His soul is calm and peaceful but his tastes do not reflect his way of being, on the contrary, they come into contradiction with his being.


And let’s close with Pisces who, on the other hand, could never do without classical music, and so many times he goes to the theatre, to the opera, let’s say so. If you know him, you know him very well.

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