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What Will Change in Your Life in 2023?

The New Moon in Aquarius urges us to dream more than ever! It takes place on January 21, 2023, and arrives immediately after the end of Mercury retrograde. It represents an ideal moment to throw ourselves into new and interesting projects, unleash our dreams and extravagant ideas, and embrace our unique individuality.

New moons, in general, are about setting intentions. Because this new moon is in Aquarius, it helps you overcome self-imposed limitations and encourages you to be proactive.

Aquarius is a strong teacher of teamwork, camaraderie, and humanitarianism. That said, connecting with others and seeing the big picture are key themes under the new moon. Also, astrologers place great emphasis on bright and innovative ideas. Allow yourself to think boldly, to cross any barrier with your mind!

Are you curious to find out what the eccentric energy of this New Moon in Aquarius has in store for you?

New Moon in Aquarius for each sign

Spiritually, the January 21 new moon in Aquarius is a good time to take a step back and look at things as a whole. What are your goals and how are these themes relevant to your life? Self-reflection is essential during this new month. Thinking about your unique traits that separate you from others and working to align with your authentic self (including the weird and eccentric parts) can help you actualize your ideal lifestyle in 2023.

Read on to find out what impact the new moon in January 2023 will have on your zodiac sign, plus how to harness the rebellious energy of Aquarius.


The first new month of the year brings abundance to your social circle. It’s time to go out into the world! When expanding your circle of friends, don’t forget quality over quantity! The new relationships you make now can be extremely important for your career.


This new moon puts the spotlight on your public life and asks you to think creatively about your career. What is your soul’s calling? You will, practically, face a major professional change at the end of January.


Guided by the association between Mercury in Sagittarius and the new moon in Aquarius, your adventurous spirit is unleashed. You are set on great deeds and you will make bold decisions! Are you thinking of taking an international trip? An excellent time to do this could be in the next six months.


This new moon can feel overwhelming as it invites new opportunities that will replace things you may not be ready to part with. Get in touch with you and your needs. You might sacrifice too much of yourself, and this new moon reminds you that you are only responsible for yourself.


The new moon in Aquarius can bring you a new partner. If you are alone, it may be about someone in love. If this is not the case, you can expect any sense of partnership: closeness to a friend or a professional collaboration. Your connections are in the spotlight and you can take full advantage of it.


Your sharp intelligence and attention to detail will help you take advantage of the beneficial energy of the moon. It’s a good time to visualize your goals for the current year and plant seeds under this new moon, turning them into daily habits.


It’s time to access your creative spirit. The new lunar aspect can empower you to start new creative projects – look to your inner child for inspiration. Also, the new moon in Aquarius helps you bring more romance into your life.


Your perception of home and family changes. Aquarius energy pushes you to question some of your domestic responsibilities or even your role in the family. Establishing new boundaries and rearranging your space could bring a fruitful new beginning for you.


The new moon in Aquarius could make you feel restless. If you are in a situation where you need clarity, it is possible to get it. But it will not easily come to you, but you need to think creatively to get out of the loop that holds you back!


Your mental clarity helps you make good decisions, and creative ideas about how to make money will flow more easily. It’s a beautiful time to plant seeds for your well-being – that is, new financial habits. You can find a way to work for additional income. However, take a break and set your values, to ensure that your new path aligns with them.


Taking place in your sign, the phenomenon impacts you directly. Give yourself free rein! This period is about being authentic and establishing who you want to be. What kind of energy do you want to embody? Practice self-love through self-care. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things, which usually seem strange to you!


The new moon in Aquarius brings you peace. It is a powerful time to focus on your spiritual well-being and to integrate new rituals into your habits. Concentrate on being present and avoid overthinking. This is a time to find yourself.

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