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The zodiac signs that they might betray are almost worse than serial betrayers – you will never be sure because they could always betray you!

When we talk about betrayal, generally, we are reminded of that between boyfriends when a person, in the couple, decides to give himself emotionally and physically to someone else.
This is certainly not the place to analyze  why  certain betrayals occur in certain dynamics, but let’s face it.
Betrayals are not just about love!
Having to deal with one of the signs of today’s horoscope ranking , therefore, could create some problems for you.

The zodiac signs that could (always) betray: here is the ranking

Well yes, there are the sporadic traitors, there are the serial traitors and then there are the traitors… who could  always betray.

Today we decided to talk about all those zodiac signs that could always betray : but who is it?
It often happens to associate betrayal with a love relationship when, instead, this type of action can be carried out in practically any human exchange.
Between colleagues , between friends , even between family members !

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The zodiac signs that could betray you ( always !) Are people who generally don’t betray but who are always there to do it and who create a very toxic situation.
Be careful with them – loyalty is definitely not their character trait!

Cancer: fifth place

For those born under the sign of Cancer , betraying is something generally unmentionable. They would never, never and never and therefore it is unthinkable to include them in today’s ranking!

Dear Cancers , take a moment to consider this: You are an extremely romantic person, with a very special sense of justice and happiness. You have your own rules, which you implement when you want and how you want, and you are also very good at manipulating others and their emotions. It can happen,  always , that you can betray: often you don’t but this doesn’t mean that it never happens!

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Capricorn: fourth place

Well yes, dear Capricorn , even if you are still at the bottom in the ranking of the zodiac signs that could always betray.
Capricorns are people who pride themselves on being generally very loyal – that’s right, don’t get us wrong, but Capricorn loyalty is really hard to analyze.

Instead of being a spontaneous feeling, Capricorn loyalty is an obligation, a chain that those born under this sign wear in an attempt to please the people around them. This obviously creates the conditions for Capricorn to always think of cheating (and sometimes even doing it).

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Taurus: third place

To finish in the horoscope ranking of the zodiac signs that could betray you need to be even a minimum of selfish.
That’s why we also find Taurus in this ranking!

Dear Taurus , don’t blame it. We know well that you are people who strongly believe in certain principles and that you would never think of betraying … at least potentially!
In reality you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that could betray precisely because you are so analytical and precise that, when a favorable opportunity arises for you, it takes little to convince you to seize it, passing above all the others!

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Scorpio: second place

Yes, dear Scorpios , even if you are always able to hide your true intentions, you deserve a place in today’s ranking.
Scorpios could  always  cheat . Remember that!

For the Scorpios , in fact, every left over is lost. Every opportunity, therefore, is a way to acquire something. Maybe it’s about fame, a better position, a particular person. In short, pay attention to the movements of the Scorpio . They say they would never do it and yet you notice how they always put themselves in the most uncomfortable position, divided in half, as if they were then almost forced to make their choice.

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Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that could betray

Finally, we arrive at the first place of our ranking today, where we find all those born under the sign of Sagittarius .
For the Sagittarius , in fact, the possibility of cheating is absolutely not so upsetting … indeed!

Sagittarius doesn’t care much about the  people around them and expects the same treatment from them.
Those born under this sign, in fact, have no problem telling others that he wants what he wants, when he wants it and will not wait for anyone’s permission to take it! Sagittarians
don’t start out with the  idea of ​​cheating but they certainly don’t have too many problems when they find themselves in the situation. They are people who think about their well-being first of all, whether it be friendships, romantic or family relationships or work. Be extremely careful with them!

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