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What Type Of Intelligence Do You Have According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Although many associate intelligence with a high IQ, this is not entirely true.

There are several types of intelligence related to our adaptability and the ease with which we do certain things. Until 25 years ago, it was believed that there is only an intelligence that is inherited and that consists in the ability to memorize as many things as possible.

Today, most researchers believe the exact opposite. Several types of intelligence are independent of each other. There are 8 types of intelligence and each one is associated with a part of the brain. Therefore, a person can be intelligent in several ways. As far as the zodiac signs are concerned, intelligence is determined by the sign under which we were born and by the influences we have from the planets.


Aries has an intuitive intelligence. They can feel when something is not right, thanks to their developed instinct. Also, their intelligence consists of the fact that they are not afraid to trust their judgment. This allows them to prevent certain unpleasant situations and to find effective solutions to the problems that arise.


Taurus is the sign that can best coordinate its mind and body. He learns best by doing practical things that involve the space that surrounds him, touch, and movement. This type of intelligence is called bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, and those who have it use their tactile memory to learn.


These natives are true masters in the art of communication and can talk about anything and anyone. They can find exactly the right words to express their feelings and thoughts. Their linguistic intelligence allows them to learn by reading and listening to information, and this helps them excel especially in journalism, literature, advertising, and politics.


Cancer has developed intrapersonal intelligence and is the only sign that knows itself best. His capacity for self-evaluation and reflection makes him a true autodidact. He can figure out for himself when he makes a mistake and what he needs to do to recover. His contemplative nature helps him find his motivations within himself and, most of the time, he prefers to work alone most of the time.


Leos are the most creative natives of the zodiac. They can adapt to any situation or person. They possess a high degree of originality, which is also related to the psychological and cultural areas. Their creative intelligence helps them always find solutions to problems and bring innovations in their fields of activity.


Virgos possess an amazing logical intelligence that helps them find logical answers to any problem. They will always prove something to you by coming up with a hypothesis and arguments. Their thinking in black and white leaves no room for doubt and moments of wandering. They are rational beings who do not like to compromise.


Libras are very good at distinguishing sounds, tonalities, and rhythms. Musical intelligence is what best defines their ability to understand the language of music. Libras use music to express their ideas and have a great sense of energy.


If you’re going to trick a Scorpio, better don’t! His perceptive intelligence helps him realize when someone is lying to him. He also has a developed ability to read people and see beyond appearances. You can’t hide anything from him because he will know that you have something on your mind.


Sagittarians’ existential intelligence makes them always question why it is good to do something and why it is bad. They analyze all aspects of life and often get caught up in meditations to find out the purpose for which we live or die. Scorpio’s thirst for knowledge makes it the most spiritual of the signs.


If you have a problem, Capricorn will surely help you get rid of it. He can solve any difficult situation, and this is due to the practical intelligence with which he is endowed. Nothing is impossible for Capricorn, and this makes him the perfect candidate for jobs that require creative and practical thinking that puts his analytical skills to work.


Aquarians are the biggest lovers of movies, photography, and anything else that involves visual imagination. They learn by association and have a highly developed sense of precision and direction. Visual intelligence can help them develop a career in audiovisual, architecture, or design.


Pisces understand the environment best and are the biggest lovers of nature and animals. Their naturalistic intelligence helps them understand all natural processes and study them in detail. They also enjoy interacting with and caring for living creatures. Nature is the environment in which they feel best and they are big lovers of hiking. Pisces turn out to be very good at jobs such as gardening, ecology, biology, or veterinary medicine.

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