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The stars reveal which are the most detached and cold zodiac signs that hate cuddling. Are you part of the ranking?

Our belonging to an astrological sign gives us distinctive characteristics and personalities. There are signs that are particularly known for their propensity to be overprotective, sweet, and caring and then there are the cold, aloof signs that hate petting both in public and in private.

If you are part of the signs of today’s ranking it means that you do not love fuss, they are not your strong point and it certainly cannot be said of you that you have a loving soul unlike them that they are the sweetest and most caring signs.

These are the coldest signs of the Zodiac

Glacial and with a heart of ice, they stand out for being particularly cold or at least they seem so. These are the signs that they never cry, that even when they suffer they do not show it, that on the street they do not hold their partner’s hand and that it is difficult to open themselves to physical contact.

Here are the coldest signs of the Zodiac


Gemini is a very sociable sign, loves the company of his friends. When he is present he feels and above all laughs. The Gemini infects with his good humor however he is very reluctant to show his affection for him. No sweets, no hugs and above all no kisses because this sign demonstrates his feelings in a much more sophisticated way through communication and intellect.


An extroverted, positive and very altruistic sign, yet she keeps well away from pampering because she does not tolerate physical effusions. Sagittarius has a hard time talking about feelings and does not like to let his emotions out of him, especially he hates feeling obliged to do so. Rather than forcibly pampering each other, he prefers to get away quickly.


Virgo has a very special character. He often withdraws into himself, is very fickle and does not like to talk about what he feels. He is not a demonstrative type and therefore does not particularly appreciate cuddling, moreover very often he feels agitation and anxiety and therefore also the need to get away from everything and everyone and contemplate loneliness. Virgo is anything but formal in his relationships.

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