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How many times does your child blame you for being more severe than the mothers of his friends? But will she really be like that? This is revealed to us by the stars that compare the character of each mother based on her zodiac sign.

Our zodiac sign strongly affects our character and when we become a mother, these traits play an important role in the education of our children and also in the management of the family . These are all profiles of moms based on their zodiac signs. And do you recognize yourself?

Aries (March 21-April 20). A mom with character!

Aries mom is very stubborn , unpredictable and difficult to tame. She is willing to do anything to be heard, she knows no bounds. It is very difficult for her to have self-control, when she gets angry it is a hurricane that sweeps everything away as she passes by.
If you are an Aries mom you don’t like letting go and your family fears your anger . Living with you could be hell unless you can find the key to taming that fire that burns inside you.

Taurus (April 20-May 21). A possessive mom!

Mama Taurus is very attached to what she loves and does not distinguish between love and possessiveness . She is the queen of cuddles , she fills her children with affection and takes care not to let them ever lack for anything. This attachment , however, is often suffocating for her children who try in every way to free themselves.
If you are a Taurus mother you cannot live without giving maternal affection , you have many children so when the first ones begin to grow and detach you will never be alone.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21). A mother educator!

Mom Gemini is obsessed with education . At all costs, she wants to guarantee good intellectual and social development for her children. Her desire is to raise exemplary children, among the best in society.
If you are a twin mom, you become a teacher when you need to help your children with their homework and a psychologist to help them overcome any worries. You are the most knowledgeable  about games and videos that help your child’s mental development. With a mother like you, intelligent and educated children are insured.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22). The best part of all moms!
The Cancer mother is made to be a mother , without children she is not happy, her greatest aspiration is to have around her a house full of joyful children , in a radiant context where there is no room for distressing situations.

If you are a Cancer mother you like to cuddle , listen, comfort your children, you like everything, from pushing them on the swing to singing them sweet songs or telling them beautiful stories before leaving them in the arms of Morpheus. Reproaching the children is certainly not up to you but to the father and when he wants to punish them, intervene promptly asking him to be more forgiving. You are anything but a tyrant.

LEO (July 22 – August 23) A mother full of ambitions for her children!

Mum Leone wants her children to always be on top . She is always beautiful, settled and presentable and for this she is ready to spend all her fortune. A goal that must be achieved at all costs. This can lead to her being a little too strict . If you are a Leo mum, you want your baby to be the copy of her parents and succeed where the parents have failed. It is essential for you that children do not derail, it is not easy for children, but you are so ambitious that you cannot do otherwise.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23). The queens who rule!

With the Virgo mother it’s all calculated . Nothing is left to chance because it is necessary to learn the values ​​and rules of life from an early age. She is a mother who plans everything even before birth. The child needs a father, a mother and a suitable frame to flourish, it must be conceived at the right time, be given birth during the summer and the name cannot absolutely be chosen at random … Everything necessary so that the child does not take a bad turn.
If you are a Virgo mom you are a well of principles , which become the drinking water for your children as you prepare them for life.

Libra (September 23 to October 23) A conciliatory mother!

The Libra mother values ​​harmony in the home at any cost. That’s why she often finds herself giving in to children’s whims rather than hindering them and she doesn’t know how to say no. She is not willing to give up this immeasurable happiness of being a mother for anything in the world, motherhood is seen as a divine grace .
If you are a Libra mom, there is no crying, screaming, reproaching or authority in your home. You are a mother who prefers to kiss the angels who fill her life with joy . In the worst case, you try to explain, understand, reconcile so that a good atmosphere always reigns in your home. Too bad that the children take advantage of it, but it doesn’t matter you are not ready to trade your sweetness … with nothing in the world!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) An overly possessive mom!

The mother Leo always tries to show the way to her children. She is a babysitter who closely follows the lives of her children and tries to influence their wishes. She must govern all their choices and affect their joys, their sorrows, their bitterness and even their hearts. She is very alert and when the baby becomes her boy it will be up to her to choose the right love for him.
If you are a Leo mother, you never separate from her children for whom she wants to be her best confidant, her best friend and the first to be consulted for anything.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 22) A tolerant mother!

The Sagittarius mother is by nature an independent woman and therefore prefers not to be too intrusive in the lives of her children.  She is young at all ages, she is an adventurer  ready to go around the world in order not to experience the same situation twice. If you are a Sagittarius mother, always support your children, accept their differences by remembering their adventures, you understand them and with them you play down and laugh at misfortunes. You have a tolerance and emancipation that allows you to accept the tendentious or modern life that your children want.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 21). Between the stick and the carrot!

The Capricorn mother is a woman characterized by a legendary coldness. But when she becomes a mother, her maternal instinct gives her   softness . Even if she is not willing to compromise the traditional values ​​and principles of life, she is still a mother with a big heart . If you are a Capricorn mom you are willing to teach your children discipline and rigor but don’t hesitate to reward them whenever they deserve it.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20). The confidant!

Mother Aquarius is always ready to set herself aside for her children. Very affectionate , she is always ready to spoil her children and organize beautiful birthday parties to decorate their lives. If you are an Aquarius mom you like to have fun with your children, always be in their company and be a good confidant . It is also crucial for you that there is a good atmosphere in the house.

Pisces (February 20 – March 21) A very generous mother !

The Pisces mother is very generous , she is ready to give everything she has for the happiness of her children also to sacrifice herself for them, if necessary. If you are a Pisces mom you are very sensitive , you do not impose rules and you do not punish your children when they derail. You easily surrender to children’s whims and show them your love in all circumstances.

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