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What Hurts Each Zodiac’s Feelings (Even Though They Would Never Admit It) In June


Assumptions. People assuming you’re a bitch. People assuming you only care about yourself. People assuming they know everything about you.


Feeling like a backup friend. Never getting invited out with groups. Watching everyone have fun on their Instagram stories without you.


Criticism. Getting told you did something the wrong way. Getting lectured about how you should have done better.


Rejection. Having a friend cancel plans at the last second. Having someone turn down a date or leave you hanging when you send a text.


Getting compared to your siblings, your friends, your parents. Feeling like you’re in a competition with everyone around you.


Distance. Getting ghosted without an explanation. Losing people with no idea why.


Feeling invisible. Getting spoken over in conversations. Getting pushed to the side when you’re walking on the sidewalk.


Having your opinion ignored. Not getting a say in group decisions. Feeling like your thoughts don’t matter.


Feeling neglected. Never getting a thank you. Never getting any type of appreciation for all your hard work.


Failure. Being told you were wrong. Losing competitions. Coming in last.


Being teased about how quiet you are. Being teased about how sensitive you are. Being teased about how you rarely leave your room or step away from your laptop.


Being ignored. Being left on read. Not getting any likes on social media or texts to check in on how you’ve been feeling.

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