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Holidays, we know well, also bring with them a certain amount of stress and the zodiac signs that always discuss with relatives know it well! Are you among them?

Aah, Christmas.
Always the party that the little ones adore and that the grown-ups … find a hair more stressful!
Between races for the last gift and a good face on a bad game in the face of intrusive questions from relatives, these days can be not very fun for the older ones!

There are some people who, then, cannot get through Christmas without arguing furiously with their relatives.
After all, spending two or three days together in close contact can be… complicated, right?
And here comes the quarrels!

The zodiac signs that always argue with relatives at Christmas: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Were there any discussions at Christmas with any of your family members? What a question, of course, there have been! Christmas is that party for which, deep down, we all know that stress often and willingly gets the better of good feelings!

Although being with the people closest to us is not necessarily so difficult, Christmas indeed puts a strain on everyone’s social skills. As the children run around and have fun, unwrapping gifts and trying to figure out if Santa Claus exists, the grown-ups argue over uneaten food, cheap gifts, and the general friction that can only be between people who know each other well.

There are people, however, able to argue at Christmas practically for sport and we asked, therefore, to the stars and planets to help us understand what they are.
As? But thanks to the ranking of the zodiac signs who always quarrel at Christmas with relatives!

Will you be there too?

Gemini: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Gemini are almost committed to making sure that there are arguments at Christmas: it is their way of having fun!
The twins do not see Christmas as a joyful celebration but as a real setback that prevents him from expressing how they would like them.

For Gemini, therefore, arguing at Christmas is essential: they must tell everyone what they think, even and above all when it is not necessary.
Bad comments or ideas for discussions are the basis of the attitude of Gemini at Christmas: then, however, they repent!

Virgo: fourth place

The Virgin does not like to force things to discuss at Christmas but can not help it!
Those born under the sign of Virgo are people who particularly like to have everything in order and that things are as they have planned.

For them, Christmas is therefore particularly worrying. If relatives create disorder, do not eat according to the menu, or dare to put something out of place, for the Virgin it is the end. He can’t stand others for too long and therefore some small discussion is to be taken into account: they don’t do it on purpose but it’s in their nature!

Aries: third place

As? The Aries would be the people who always fight at Christmas? The answer is an absolute yes!
The Aries often end up creating some real dramas at Christmas and they have no problem discussing with everyone!

From parents to grandparents, from uncles to grandchildren: Aries is not afraid to fight!
Since they are particularly sensitive and emotional, for them Christmas becomes extremely stressful and make sure that this is a problem of all!
If you have an Aries in your family, you know very well that we are not exaggerating: with Aries it is like this, you fight and then … you have to forgive them immediately afterward!

Capricorn: second place

Yes, even Capricorns can unleash a real nightmare at Christmas if they want to!
(And they want, don’t worry).

For Capricorns, it is impossible to be with relatives for more than two or three days without making everyone go crazy.
They can jump the nerves of virtually everyone doing picky, bothering, and trying to do what he wants … and that others do not want to!

Capricorns, in fact, always have to say about everything and certainly do not hold back when they think that others are doing something wrong!
That’s why, at Christmas, a Capricorn in the family can make you lose your temper in less than a minute: discussions are practically guaranteed!

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that argue with relatives at Christmas

Impossible to have a quiet Christmas if you have a Leo in your family! If you are a Leo or if you know someone born under the sign of Leo, you probably already know what we are talking about. Although they are people who put their family first, Leos can be particularly ” stinging ” with their relatives!

Leo is used to doing what he wants, when he wants, and without having to answer to anyone.
Christmas, for them, it’s pretty much a long nightmare that never ends: how to reconcile their desire to stay with relatives with the fact that they send literally out of his head?

The answer is, of course, with a nice fight or discussion: at Christmas, for Leo, this step cannot be missed!
So dear Leos (or dear relatives of Leos ): how did your Christmas go?

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