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What Friend Are You? It Depends On Your Zodiac Sign: This Is Who The Ultimate True Friend Is, Hold On To Him!

If you have a friend born under one of these zodiac signs, don’t let them pass you by, you have found a treasure. He will be faithful to you forever, there is no doubt.

Friendship is an important value, it’s what makes us suffer the most when it fails, perhaps even more than love. The betrayal of a friend is unexpected, unlike that of your partner, it hurts and leaves wounds that remain for life. The saying “who finds a friend, finds a treasure” certainly tells the truth because a friend‘s loyalty can reach very high levels, but the affection must be sincere and disinterested, otherwise, there will be trouble. Friendship is precious, you reveal all your secrets or dreams to a friend, but you are reciprocated in the same way. As you may have already understood, the topic of the day is friendship, but we want to talk about it by looking at everything from a different point of view.

How do we understand if we have a friendship that will last over time and that will always be sincere? Again, we can ask our star friends for a hand. Indeed, the astrological sign one belongs to can also have repercussions on the character of an individual, making him more or less reliable or faithful. That’s why today we will reveal to you what the ranking of best friends according to the zodiac is, focusing only on the first three positions. If you think your zodiac sign deserves to get on the podium, scroll down, and you could get a nice and unexpected surprise.

The best friend according to the zodiac: here’s who wins today’s ranking

Are you ready to find out which signs will cross the finish line first in this wonderful competition? We will reveal them to you shortly, but first, we want to tell you about a small detail: this ranking, just like all the others, including the one on the most theatrical zodiac signs, has been drawn up taking into consideration the most important characteristics of the various signs. This means that you could be present in today’s ranking and absent in tomorrow’s. You don’t have to feel bad, remember that the stars can reserve surprises for you at any time when you least expect them.

Aries: in third place in the standings we find the sign of Aries. Those born under this zodiac sign have great vitality, are always active and never stop for a moment. Aries is a faithful friend because he involves his friendships in his daily actions, even the most important ones, without double ends. The sincerity of Aries is seen above all when he becomes attached to someone, his fidelity is truly remarkable and reaches very high levels. For a person born under this sign, a friend will accept to face impossible challenges, without fear. Aries will do the same thing for you, you can trust.

Leo: in second place in the standings we have the sign of Leo. As we have already seen in the past, those born under this zodiac sign have a very strong and competitive character, but they put their claws aside when they meet a true friend. In the presence of sincere friendship, Leo stops feeling like a competition and behaves sincerely and loyally. The important thing is that this balance is never interrupted, otherwise, we will return to seeing the usual Leo, full of anger and able to turn everyone against him, even his best friends.

Sagittarius: the highest step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Sagittarius, here is today’s winner. People of this sign of the zodiac are unpredictable but become practically perfect when they live a sincere friendship. Sagittarius argues easily with others and is very argumentative, but with a friend, he radically changes his way of interfacing. In the presence of a true friendship, Sagittarius knows how to forgive, has a calm demeanor, and puts his ego aside to take care of the other person. The friendship that a Sagittarius can give is precious and should not be missed.

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