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Weekly Horoscope: The Last Week Of The Year Will Also Be The Best For These 3 Zodiac Signs

With the week of December 25th to 31st, we will finally leave 2023 behind us. All the problems and all the stress are forgotten – because this week is a special one. One in which we spend with our loved ones, in which we receive gifts and give gifts ourselves, one in which everything revolves around the joy of life and good food and one in which we can take a deep breath before the start of the new year. We should all look forward to that. But a look at the horoscope reveals that three zodiac signs can be particularly exciting about the coming week. For them it will not only be the last week of the year, but also the very best. Read here to see whether your zodiac sign will also have the perfect week.



The stars are favorable for Cancer and so the last week of December will be one of the luckiest for the zodiac sign. In any case, the zodiac sign feels most comfortable and thrives when surrounded by loved ones. Long conversations, funny evenings, and shared moments strengthen Cancer’s bonds even more. In this way, Cancer can recharge their batteries for the new year and look forward to the future with strength – just like a wonderful New Year’s Eve.


Just in time for Christmas, the last of the stress will disappear for the Virgos and the next few days will be wonderful. Happy surprises line up, the mood is exuberant and all problems seem to be forgotten. And when it comes to love, Virgos can also look forward to the last week of the year, because Venus ensures romance and passion, so both couples and singles can look forward to it.


Jupiter and Venus ensure love and lightness for Capricorn and so the holidays in 2023 will be particularly beautiful. With lots of laughter, flirting, and lots of funny ideas, the zodiac sign enjoys life to the fullest. His sensitivity will also be particularly pronounced in the coming week, which makes Capricorns the ideal listeners. With so much understanding, charm, and humor, the coming days can only be great!

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