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Valentine’s Day Horoscope 2024: What The Stars Have In Store For Singles

Beginner, confirmed, or intermittent single? We know what the planets are planning for your February 14th.

The great mystery of Valentine’s Day, for astrologers? The fact that the most traditionally romantic holiday there takes place during the season of the most non-conformist of signs: Aquarius. But since this enigma will probably not be solved in our lifetime, you might as well take advantage of what February 14 can bring you here and now. Because in the sky, this Valentine’s Day promises to be tough. The trio that will form Venus in Capricorn and Mars and Pluto in Aquarius intend to make you experience all the emotions, all the states, and all the desires. But this is not the only cosmic configuration that risks influencing Valentine’s Day, according to astrology. For the dating app Bumble, American network star astrologer Valerie Mesa translated the language of the stars. Here’s what she predicts for singles this year.


If Valerie Mesa is to be believed, two zodiac signs aren’t single for much longer. If Taurus waits for the right moment to declare his love, he may seize the obvious pole set by February 14. A formalization could result from this. He doesn’t procrastinate and decides to be direct with his Valentine. If the relationship is just starting and it’s a first date, the astrologer asks Taurus: “If you see yourself dating this person in the future, who says it won’t happen?” In short: force destiny by saying what you feel.

For Leos, same thing. They are in a particularly attentive mood this February 14. Homemade candlelight dinner, impromptu picnic with “scarves for two” like in a Francis Cabrel song. In their love of love and their great generosity, Leos gives everything, without reservation, and prepares a wonderful evening. Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail. Valerie Mesa’s advice? “Take the initiative and follow your heart.


Two signs that are among the most silent in the zodiac could experience a Valentine’s Day entirely focused on communication. They open up, they let go a little more and they open up. More confidence to feel vulnerable while being safe? For Valerie Mesa, Scorpio is in a phase where he has a great need for harmony. He wants it to match on both sides and for that, he needs to speak… Or write. For Valerie Mesa, it’s time to write a letter to your crush. Yes, you read correctly.

The other sign that usually leans more towards the “century-old oyster” side than the “open book” side is Capricorn. This year, Venus (relationships) in Capricorn during Valentine’s Day as well as the duo Mercury (language) and Mars (action) make the sign want to flirt. He makes himself funnier, and masters the art of repartee wonderfully and it pays off: “You are more charming and in love than ever, effortlessly attractive to your crush.


Virgo could be more adventurous than ever, for the lovers’ day. For Valerie Mesa, they’ll likely try to look for love elsewhere. Literally. Another city, another region, during a trip: Virgo expands its search criteria and begins to see bigger. “Remember that despite your perfectionism, you will open more doors for yourself through spontaneity and experimentation.

Aries are also preparing to break the routine by allowing themselves to completely let go for Valentine’s Day. For once, they’re not trying to be in control of everything, absolutely wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this or that way. Valerie Mesa’s advice? “Let these unexpected romantic opportunities guide you to a delightful dating experience.

The third of this anti-routine team for Valentine’s Day is Sagittarius. This Valentine’s Day, she’s had enough of dates that end in all kinds of excesses without ever calling anyone back and is trying a healthier approach. She could meet people at the gym or brunch.


There’s more to life than just romantic love. Some signs are about to experience a platonic but fantastic February 14th. Cancer needs a break from dating and to reconnect with his chosen family, his friendly cocoon. “You are more involved than ever in maintaining your friendships and the people who support your long-term plans and your dreams,” summarizes the astrologer. A great evening with friends in sight, for the zodiac crabs. Be careful, however, warns Valerie Mesa, not to confuse friendship and romance (yet). With you, we know how it starts.

And speaking of romance, we of course think of Libra. The lover of love could experience a passionate Valentine’s Day with a passing love or not. But she also seems very tempted by the “red wine and petits fours with this long-time friend” option. They need connection these days, to feel loved: and their close circle of friends never disappoints them.

Sweet Pisces will hesitate a lot: go out or stay under the blanket? They will decide by inviting their friends and perhaps their current crush to their home. The opportunity to savor the sweetness of the bonds of friendship while getting to know their current love interest better. Valerie Mesa is formal, Neptune (dreams) and Venus (love) make this Valentine’s Day ideal for meeting people or deepening connections.


However, they are two ultra-sociable Air signs, but this year, they want calm and solitude. “Prioritize rest,” recommends Valerie Mesa to Gemini. These hyperactive people need to release the pressure and, above all, not always give in to the pressure of dating and heart-shaped pizzas. If, however, they want to see their crush that day, these chatterboxes will favor the telephone.

Finally, it’s the Aquarius, who could use a moment for themselves. The vibe in a few words? Cozy, comfort, solitude. Chosen. For Valerie Mesa, February 14 could be a perfect time to spend the lovers’ day with only yourself. “You may feel the urge to take some well-deserved solo time. Organize your dream date just for you at home. You will have plenty of time to match later in the week.

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