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This week some signs will have to prepare for unexpected problems and difficulties. Things will get worse than expected.

According to the forecasts of astrologers, a storm of negativity is about to hit three zodiac signs. These problems will destabilize them but knowing them well in advance will perhaps help them manage them better. Astrologers warn three zodiac signs.

Do not start the week on the wrong foot, especially if you are part of the three zodiac signs we are about to tell you about, the signs that will not be able to escape problems and difficulties this week.

Here are the 4 signs they will face a very difficult and problematic week

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The signs of today’s ranking will not be able to breathe a sigh of relief this week, rather they will have to pull up their shoulders and find the strength to fight because this week promises to be more difficult than ever. Astrologers warn that hostility and despair are glimpsed on the horizon for these signs, bad news, decaying projects, in short, the reasons for despair are not few this week.

The signs affected by this particularly difficult week of October should learn to be patient and determined more than ever:


Mercury retrograde has begun to destabilize the native of Cancer who, being a sign of water, is already particularly sensitive. Cancer still feels unable to take the reins of his life in hand, too many problems, too much negativity all this makes him feel limited and frustrated and irrevocably damages his mood making him gloomy, distant, excessively worried . This week these feelings will have an exaggeratedly negative impact on Cancer’s life.The only help they can get is patience, the worst is passing.

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Virgo still feels an adrenaline-charged s from the full moon of October 9th. This feeling keeps him alert, pushes him to do something to remove negative energies from him and recover himself. This sign again this week will not be able to solve all his problems and not even to leverage his good mood. He will have to be patient for another week after which he will get out of this situation very easily, will be able to suppress all negative thoughts and solve all his problems in a flash.

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Capricorn is a very hardworking sign, he particularly cares about his profession and given his excellent qualities as a worker he often holds control and personnel management roles. This week Capricorn will feel like going crazy because his colleagues or your team will do things the wrong way and this will load him with extra work and make him unbearable and short-tempered. All the fault of fatigue. Her impulsiveness and his stubbornness will prevent him from solving these problems properly and he will feel that the days of the whole week will be ruined because they will not be as perfect as he expects and he will not even be able to fix things on a daily basis.

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