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Two Signs Set for Significant Love Changes in April.

Big changes in love are announced for these 2 signs in April. Which are these?


Your love life transforms this month as you come to terms with what you really want.

You’re constantly clinging to logic, focusing on who’s available, who’s interested, who’s “nice,” and who meets the bare minimum for decency, and it’s time to trash that thinking.

You like what you like and you want what you want, and whenever it crosses your mind that it’s not what you should like or want, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

You can’t make a square fit in a round hole not even you, perfection incarnate.

So follow your gut, once and for all. The world is tired of watching you calmly go through your options, trying to put a positive spin on a romantic date, and then say about that potential relationship that it “would never work.”

Everyone can see the one thing you can’t get along with, and it’s time to get more honest about your own preferences.

The tomato sandwich might not be to everyone’s taste, but if it makes you happy, if it’s your favorite thing in the world, there’s no point pretending it isn’t.

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It’s time to turn your feelings into action this month. To take the thousands of words that are floating around in your head or hidden in your journal and say them, most of them anyway, out loud.

Your love life transforms when you stop hiding it from the world.

You are so cold sometimes that people have no idea that you are interested in someone.

You think that love is something that should come knocking on your door one day, and that you should just sit and wait, but it’s not like that at all. No one comes to your door unless they know where you live and you didn’t invite them.

You don’t have to declare your love to the first person you meet, but it would help if you could flirt in a way that at least people can notice.

You constantly underestimate yourself and sabotage your chances with the people you are attracted to.

When you assume someone isn’t interested before you meet that person, you’re missing out big time.

Your formality and false indifference can intimidate those who are dying to make the first move on you. You are such a genuine person with so much to offer, just stop holding back.

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