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Top 5 Zodiac Signs Endowed With Special Abilities

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Have you ever felt a danger before it came, as a state of anxiety and inner turmoil, as a state of rejection of actions that could have led to that negative event? Have you ever felt the positive or negative energy of a place, or maybe a special sensation when you touch or hug someone? Have you ever felt like you knew the ultimate truth, even though all appearances suggested otherwise? Do you have premonitory dreams? Do you have the power to feel the disease or help heal it? Then you most likely possess some special powers. Here are the signs most likely to be gifted with supernatural powers and which require a deep understanding of their own life and spiritual development to discover and use them.

These are the 5 signs endowed with special abilities, paranormal and clairvoyant powers

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The special power of Cancer natives: The power of empathy

Cancer natives have a special power to intuit and understand someone’s personality and needs, already guessing how they should behave with a person they have met before and from whom they want to achieve certain results.

The only problem with these natives is that they need to learn to shield themselves from the negative emotions of others, which they tend to take on, internalize, and thus live feelings and fight battles that are not their own.

Once this self-control is acquired, Cancer natives can be healers, psychotherapists, psychiatrists or people who work with the general public and are successful in front of them (mass leaders, spokespersons, negotiators, influencers, mediators, etc.).

There is no point in trying to lie to a Cancer native, they will know the truth before you even try to say the first word.

Because of the particularly strong empathy they possess, these natives need a lot of love and affection in their lives, a strong attachment to their parents or grandparents in childhood, they need sincerity and openness from others.

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The special power of Pisces natives: The power of accomplishment

Pisces natives see the world with astonishing clarity, having the ability to understand the truth from the light, but also all the shadows of reality and the personality of those around them. As represented by their sign, with two fish facing in opposite directions, these natives can penetrate the darkest areas of the human soul and have paranormal senses of reality. They can fall into the trap of drugs and addictions, precisely because they help them increase these senses and they, like any of us, want to understand themselves better, to discover themselves.

Pisces natives also possess the power of accomplishment. It is enough for a Pisces to really want something, and in a short time the Universe will put them on their feet.

There are people who seem difficult to understand (slippery as a fish), it is particularly difficult to penetrate their inner world, sometimes they can seem egocentric to us, but all this happens precisely because they exceed the ability of all of us to understand, to see and feel like them. Not infrequently I have heard it said about native Pisces that they are strange.

The advice of a Pisces native, if you manage to get it, will be shocking, but if you listen to their arguments, you will notice that they knew how to take into account something that you might never have thought of.

Anyone who has argued with a Pisces native has learned their power of argument, the unbiased fairness with which they see the world, and certainly have not been able to fully contradict them.

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The special power of Aquarius natives: The power of good in the world

Like Pisces natives, Aquarians can possess many powers, from heightened senses in certain areas to healing powers and clairvoyance. But this sign stands out for a special quality, that of bringing good into the world.

Like Pisces, Aquarians are often characterized as strange, but they are very warm people, with strong and determined personalities, who gather in their souls the belief of good for the whole world.

These natives seem to use love as the main source of their power, but their gentle and balanced character will be greatly disturbed when faced with injustice. We will then discover a strong, aggressive, and determined Aquarius, ready to fight at any time and with all his might for justice.

Combining their ability to see the good in the world with their special intelligence and intolerance of injustice, we understand why we will find Aquarians in the ranks or at the head of those who appear as children, who appear the rights of people, of women, who fight for progress, who practice professions of research in revolutionary fields or who are committed to healing people.

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