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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Mercilessly Overwhelmed In The Run-Up To Christmas

When we think of Christmas, we usually think of the festival itself, great food, bright children’s eyes, family, and the fragrant coniferous tree. We prefer to ignore what happens in the run-up to Christmas. Overcrowded stores, long queues, overloaded accounts, and our nerves, which are stretched like tightropes. In 2023, the week before Christmas Eve will be particularly difficult for three zodiac signs, because unfortunately, the planets are also unfavorable for them.


Aquarius had decided that everything would finally be different at Christmas 2023. The first presents were purchased in November and he at least had the details of travel planning firmly in mind. But somewhere between the first Advent and Christmas Eve, the chaotic air sign got lost as always. Uranus squared now brings additional restlessness and stress. But don’t worry: the celebration itself will be wonderful for Aquarius; he will feel right at home with his loved ones as always.


Why does Christmas preparation always get stuck in Sagittarius? Can’t the others lend a hand and relieve the zodiac sign? This is what shooters ask themselves while shaking their heads while desperately searching for a parking space or sweating to catch the last carp. Unfortunately, Saturn in the square makes you even more nervous than usual and Neptune is the famous straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to the zodiac sign. When everyone beams at him happily on Christmas Eve and thanks them from the bottom of their hearts for his hard work, the shooter will have forgotten the pre-Christmas chaos within seconds.


Like every year, Libra will be under particular pressure shortly before Christmas in 2023. Of course, the party should be a highlight, everything has to be planned down to the minute and make the whole family happy. Unfortunately, the stars throw a spanner in the works for the scales: first Mercury is square, then the sun. It’s good that Libra already has experience with the pressure of expectations and knows deep down that everything will be okay in the end.

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