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Top 3 Signs That Have the Gift of Premonition

Premonition is one of the most valuable supernatural gifts. This can manifest itself in very discrete forms, such as feelings of deja vu or very strong intuition.

At the same time, the gift of premonition can manifest itself through prophetic dreams, oppressive feelings that do not give you peace, or even an inexplicable desire to go to a place, to contact a person, or, on the contrary, to stay away at all costs by one person, all this to avoid unpleasant consequences. The signs that possess this talent are the water signs, respectively Cancers, Scorpions, and Pisces. Dominated by feminine energy and under the element of water, strongly influenced by the Moon, the natives of this sign are much more sensitive and open to what lies beyond the wave that separates the seen from the unseen world. Here’s why.

Horoscope Cancer

Of all the signs that have a premonition, this one may manifest itself most intensely in Cancer natives. Ruled by the Moon, they are very receptive and very influenced by her movements, especially in the case of women. Phenomena most often happen to them that others would find it very difficult to explain, such as being in the right place at the right time, knowing when they are being lied to, no matter how well the lie is told, or even knowing in advance what the other has to say.

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio natives are the mysterious of the zodiac. If there is someone who could sell cucumbers to the gardener, he is born under the Scorpio sign. If you don’t know them very well, you might think they are the most open people in the world, or maybe even the most superficial. However, few get to know a Scorpio. Behind the mask of carelessness and superficiality are people who feel a lot, even what is not shown to them. They analyze all the people around them and if they want to, they can be very good manipulators. More than that, Scorpios have a dark side that they channel very well and will carry throughout their lives, but this is where the source of their premonition power comes from. This primal side of them makes them very receptive to everything around them to be ready to defend themselves. This explains the fact that Scorpios know in advance what you have to say or, even better, what you are trying to hide from them. I already know what will happen, they just like to play cat and mouse.

Horoscope Pisces

If Scorpios are the Dark Prophets of the zodiac, then surely Pisces are the Prophets of Light. Beyond knowing instinctively what is going to happen or what you want to do, Pisces have the ability so rare and so precious to accept that bad is inevitable in life and receive it not necessarily with resignation, but with love, and forgiveness. In short, if you want to harm a Pisces, he has most likely sensed your intention before it entered your mind and is preparing to face what awaits him.


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