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Three Zodiac Symbols That Trouble Always Follows

Find out if you are among the zodiac signs that have trouble and how to break the streak of bad luck.

When something can go wrong, it will go wrong – some people’s lives seem to be guided, ironically, sadly, and frustratingly, by this law. Why are troubles chained to your zodiac sign and how do you break the string of bad luck?

3 unlucky signs

Cancer – you think negatively

Cancer is a sensitive, emotional, pessimistic sign. If you always feel vulnerable and are convinced that you will suffer or that an injustice will be done to you, you attract exactly such events in your life. Not infrequently you sink your ships by yourself with a negative attitude. In other words, you have to learn to stop blaming bad luck, the bad clock, and the black cat, but also to take responsibility for your bad decisions. Because, if some things do not depend a little on you and really happen inevitably, others are strictly the result of the choices you make. Sentimental and easily impressionable, you think too much of others and too little of yourself, you neglect your own needs and always sacrifice yourself, hence a lot of frustrations and a lot of unhappiness.

The solution: think positively, put yourself first, and try not to repeat the mistakes that have brought you trouble before.

Scorpio – looking for substrates

Even when everything seems to be going well for them, Scorpios keep discovering one thing or another to turn around, until they find a flaw, which they amplify to infinity. Possessiveness, suspicions, and the need to have permanent control over others get you into the most trouble. Pride doesn’t let you say what’s on your mind, and most of the time you know that the reasons why you suffer are more imagined than real. And when you can no longer control yourself, you have the habit of reprimanding and staging emotional dramas, as if you want to test the degree of involvement or tolerance of your loved ones. In the end, you end up messing up even more and alienating the very ones you want close. Another problem: you have the feeling that all bad things happen to you,

The solution: live in the present moment without looking for knots in the pile and stop trying to find hidden meanings for everything.

Virgo – you have too high demands

The more you pursue a thing, the harder it is to get it. Relaxation, detachment, and openness are needed to be able to enjoy the best that the Universe has to offer. As you are always dissatisfied and critical, you cannot expect a positive attitude from others. What you give is what you get. Even if you don’t have bad intentions, sometimes you give the impression that you really want to make life difficult for others, which makes them withdraw or respond in kind. Then you complain that you are not doing well. Another source of suffering is the fact that you work enormously to improve your professional position and earnings, and you have great ambitions, which stress you out, exhaust you and leave you no time to enjoy life. Furthermore,

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